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May 02, 2008



So glad she is gaining weight. Yay for that. The fist weeks that all I did, feed feed feed feed and when I wasn't feeding I was rocking, comforting or trying to sleep. The little heart filled with the cherry stones I sent you is perfect for inflamed breasts. I hope it helps and that the mastitis goes away soon.

I used a shield too the first 3-4 weeks because my nipples were just so bloody (yikes). Stella had no problem switching from shield to no shield and neither did I.

Good luck sweetie, you are doing a great job, Thea is just fantastic and very sweet.


those bracelets are beautiful! what a lovely gift!!

definitely don't feel guilty about a bottle here and there, and there's certainly nothing wrong with letting john step in when he can so you can get a little sleep. thea is happy and feeding and gaining weight, so you're doing much more than "something" right -- you're doing a terrific job, as I always knew you would. ((hugs))


What great news about Thea's growth -- your post reminded me that when I would pump with my first one, I would pump first thing in the morning and get lots of milk, so much I would have a bottle for J and freeze the extra so I when I went back to work there was plenty. I remember you could also donate your extra milk to mothers in need. Not sure if that still happens though.

Sorry about the mastitis, but it's good you have a correct diagnosis. And finally --I think it's great for John to feed Thea, good for you and good for him!


I have gotten mastitis twice and it is soooooo painful. I hope that it is getting better. Sometimes breastfeeding was difficult just because I felt like everyone was telling me to do it a different way - a nurse, a lactation consultant, my mom... It was exhausting. My only advice is that you may want to consider asking Thea's doctor or lactation consultant if you can pump after every feeding except in the middle of the night. Maybe you could just do it after every other feeding. Just a thought. Sleep is so important. I found when Paige was still in the hospital and I was home that I was getting so much more milk after I had gotten a good bit of sleep. If I wasn't getting enough sleep, I wasn't producing enough milk. I love you!!!!! (You can tell me to shut up whenever you feel the need!)


ugh...I had mastitis 3 times with my first baby. I am still not sure why. My left side I never get as good a latch, it produces less, and that is the side that gave me problems. And yes...isn't pumping a drag? Its wonderful, no doubt, but it really cramps my style during the day (I work). sounds like you're in good hands with your LC...aren't they great? I was so inspired by mine I wanted to BE one!
and by all means...don't feel guilty about an occasional bottle. yes there are certain guidelines and time lines blah blah blah...but you really have to follow your gut. I think if it hasn't "confused" her thus far, she probably isn't going to get "confused".
I promise, breastfeeding becomes so easy in just a few weeks. All the soreness and yukky stuff goes away.

the picture of you and Thea on your husband's page is awesome. You look so happy and I am so happy to finally see a picture of you holding the baby you worked so hard for!


You are doing a fabulous job! It is SO hard the first six weeks! Before DD was born, I wanted to breastfeed for a year. And two days after she was born, I said I was giving it six weeks, because it was just too hard. And at the six week mark, I was willing to go to six months, and at six months, to a year, and at a year, to 18 months (which we're 2 months from and I'm just now thinking about nightweaning). Anyway, I say all that to say this, HANG IN THERE! It is HARD WORK!!! One of the greatest things I ever learned to do was to nurse lying down. Then I could lay down for a nap and still nurse without fully waking up. It's a little challenging to master with a floppy-headed newborn, but so worth it in the long run.

One more thing, her 3-week growth spurt is coming soon and you will be nursing all.the.time! I nursed around the clock for a few days and it was hard. But it's great for your supply. Get help when you need it, have friends and family bring you meals and keep snacks and water nearby.

I'm so happy for you!


all hail to the pp joana! nursing laying down is awesome!! and yes, the 3wk growth spurt...it will come just as you've started to get a couple hours of good sleep and feel like you're getting a routine!

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