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April 11, 2008



You are so blessed to hava a friend like Nancy! I've been thinking about you alot recently. Sending good thoughts and wishes your way. You are all going to do great!


I'm so happy you posted so I could hear your thoughts now, since last we talked you were waiting on the doc's call. And I'm glad she was able to answer your questions and concerns, and give you plenty of reassurance. Now, we eagerly await the BIRTHDAY! xoxoxoxoxo


It sounds like you are in a good place to take off into this adventure. Hurrah for your strength and hurrah for Nancy - she is a calm voice, for sure.

We can't wait to meet little baby Sarvay!


i've been sending you all the good energy i can over the past few weeks. i can't imagine what you must be experiencing trying to get through these next 10 days or so, but am so glad you have such a fantastic network to support you. take good care, Nikole. can't wait to meet Bumble! xoxo


NIkole i'm so glad your doc was able to reassure you. I know those risk conversations are always terrifying as they have to tell you everything that can go wrong. It does sound like a very scary situation, but that your doc is well equipped to handle it and at least you are all well prepared, have mapped out where the placenta is, etc.

So excited at the prospect of you meeting your bumble.


Nikole, you are in my prayers. I've also asked my family and prayer team at church to pray for y'all.


::there are people you've never met who are thinking of you and sending healthy thoughts your way

Tell John I'm thinking of him, too. I know our situations are very different, but I just had an amnio, and it was like having blood drawn. My best advice is to lie still, don't look at the needle, and know that you have a great doctor and lots of support. Then take it very easy. I think all three of you are going to do just fine. Can't wait to meet you and TES.

Love, Julia



I have been thinking about you so much over the last weeks. You, John and the baby have been in my thoughts and prayers. You are so STRONG and AMAZING. That stone really says it all- the most important time is now. You are proving that every day.

I hope you are resting well.



Those affirmations are beautiful. You are so very loved Nikole, and you've risen to each challenge on this long journey with such incredible grace and courage. I wish there was something more that I could do, but I'll just have to keep sending love and hope and prayers to you and John and TES every day.


I am SO excited for you. That post was particularly beautiful. I'm really glad you got to ask your doctor all those questions and more importantly, that you feel better. It is clear to me that your doctor truly cares about you guys and is going to do everything humanly possible to make sure this all happens as smoothly as possible. You are in good hands! Your baby girl is a tough little cookie, just like her mommy. And John's strength is nothing to sneeze at either. It is really hard for men to go through even an uncomplicated pregnancy and birth because they can feel so helpless. Clearly he is your pillar.
I am SO excited that your day is so close!! I am practically holding my breath for you!! woooooooo!!!


Wishing you all the best. Take care and good luck


Dear Nikole, I'm so glad that you have some reassurance -- and that you are surrounded by so much love. Just ten more days until Bumble!

Cheryl Lage

Oh Sarvays, I am so happy you feel reassured! The most important time is now!
(Maybe we can bring over a supplemental stone with "The Lage Family Loves The Sarvay Family")

Hang in there...we can hardly wait to meet Bumble/TES...and congratulate her parents!

Love you guys-


seding you lots of love! I'll be thinking about you and praying tha all goes well


Nikole, you have many great things and people in your life. I hope the surgery goes well and there are no more scares. Many positive thoughts, hugs, and well wishes for your and your family!

beth (bLemon)

This is all very good news. I'm so glad to hear that you got some reassurance on the procedures and heard what you needed to. You are certainly in good hands.

I eagerly await the day when the post arrives with a picture of Baby Bumble!


Two more for your list of affirmations:
Your brother and sister-in-law love you.
Baker loves his new (and only) cousin and aunt.

We love you and can't wait to meet the long-awaited "Bumble-of-Joy" and to give you a big hug for going through hell and high-water to bring her into this world.

You're in our thoughts and prayers every day.


i am so glad you got some needed reassurance about the procedures that will be performed- i bet you feel a lot more relieved!

you will be in my thoughts! i am so happy for you and your husband!

can't wait to hear when bumble arrives! what a beautiful day it will be!


i am so glad you got some needed reassurance about the procedures that will be performed- i bet you feel a lot more relieved!

you will be in my thoughts! i am so happy for you and your husband!

can't wait to hear when bumble arrives! what a beautiful day it will be!


Thinking of you and TES. Anxiously awaiting news of her safe arrival.

Susan Epperson

I'm lucky enough to know both Nancy and Nikole because our husbands all work together. For those of you who haven't met them in person, believe all the good things you've read about them...they're true. Little Miss Bumble couldn't have better role models (and a really cool Daddio too!).
Love to all of you!


Nikole, the three of you are in the front of our thoughts these days. A good friend of ours went through a very similar situation last year and now she is pregnant with her second child! We wish you three the very best and cannot wait to see picture of little Bumble once she has arrived.
Love, Leslie and Zac


Nikole & John & Bumble: Just came from reading John's blog and am crying and so excited for you guys. I will be thinking about you LOTS between now an then and particularly on next Tuesday. Sending tons of love and prayers your way!!!


Hey you three to be, just knowing how very loved you are by all these people, well that's special! You both are very blessed to have each other to lean on in times like this. There is one saying I have learned in the past few years that has helped me and that is " LET GO AND LET GOD" he will guide you through this . Then on the 22nd you will be a hand holding family of three. I love both of you so much and have a lot of faith in the two of you. Bless you both. Love, D

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