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April 09, 2008



I'm sorry that you can't seem to get an emotional break. I can't imagine how exhausted you must be. Don't be surprised if you are an emotional mess after your delivery...not only because of hormones, but moreso because of the emotional let down. After having to hold it together for so long, your heart might just open the floodgates after she is born. Or not.

I have nothing but good feelings about you and your baby. I am sure everything will be OK. I can't imagine how scared and anxious you must be. I think you are in good hands with your doctors. Just hang in there. You are in the home stretch. This is an anxious time for everyone, even without complications, and the time seems to drag on endlessly.

You are in my prayers for peace, safe delivery, and rest. I think peace is probably your tallest order right now. Easy to say and impossible to do. You are SO brave and SO strong and if your baby is anything like you and your husband (and she is!!) then she is iron clad!!

Just a few more days...


Hang in there, my dear. You are in the most capable hands possible right now, a fantastic team of docs who will take the best care of you and Bumble. It's a lot of information to process, a lot of scenarios and possibilities, and that makes it overwhelming. Sometimes it's better not to know, I think!

Like Kelly said, expect an emotional roller coaster, the hormones wreak havoc on any piece of sanity you are able to hold on to.

I know I sound like a broken record, but if at all possible with your mind going a thousand miles a minute, still try to rest. Rest. Trust. Think good thoughts. Love. In less than two weeks, you will be holding Bumble and all this will wash away as being a Mom sets in. And you will be an amazing mother, and John an amazing father.

Love to you both.


Phil and I are thinking about you guys lots. And sending good thoughts your way. Take care, N.



I am so sorry this continues to be so hard and stressful and that you can't seem to get a break. I truly have faith that you will be fine, Bumble will be fine, and soon you'll both be able to enjoy your new daughter without a cloud of stress and anxiety. I'm thinking positive thoughts for all three of you. Hang tight, brave girl.


Listen to Bumble. Let her tell you that she's holding on, and will keep holding on, just as she's shown you she can do so well.
I am thinking of you and know you are having a rough time with all this complicated medical news. But I am thinking past this time for you, for the day when Bumble is old enough for me to tell her the story of her brave mother, so that she knows exactly where her own bravery come from. To say to her, face-to-face that she comes by her tenacity and beauty just as her mother has come to the world: honestly, with grace, and with some of the greatest strength I have ever seen.
Love to you and John and Bumble and Rilo, all.


Wow that's a lot to process. I'm sorry you are having to deal with all of this. Since I'm coming over from lost and found I don't know your whole story but I will send many positive thoughts your way that things go well in the next few weeks.


Hi there,

Just sending tons and TONS of good thoughts your way. It sounds like you and Bumble are in good hands...I'm sorry this is all so much to take in, as if having a baby without these complications isn't stressful enough- GAH!!


Hi there,

Just sending tons and TONS of good thoughts your way. It sounds like you and Bumble are in good hands...I'm sorry this is all so much to take in, as if having a baby without these complications isn't stressful enough- GAH!!


Hang in there Nikole, all us RCM girls are thinking about you. Take good care of yourself and rest! BIG HUGS!


Well that certainly does sound scary, but it also sounds like you're in really good thoughtful hands. You are totally my hero for staying strong through all of this. You may not always feel strong, but trust me that you most definitely are. I have a lot of faith that everything is going to work out and that in two weeks you're going to be holding the luckiest little girl in the world. All my love!!!


Prayers for you constantly until that little lady gets here.

Dawn Anderson

Nikole - ditto on what everyone else has said. My thoughts are with you, Bumble and John.


Thinking of you and wishing you the very best.


Oh, Nikole, I am so sorry to hear this. You had quite enough to deal with and worry about already, and now this. I know it seems awful that they spring this on you now, but on the other hand it's probably a good thing that you haven't had more time to worry about it...

As everyone else has said, it sounds as if you are in very good hands. They know what the situation is, they are preparing for it, and that is good. Forewarned, the surgical team will be well equipped to deal with any situation that comes up.

I'm hoping you will come to peace with this, and above all that you and Bumble will come out of in great shape. Hoping that one day soon you will hold your little daughter in joy and wonder, and that the long, at times frightening story of how she got here will recede in your memory.

Thinking of you, my dear.


I'm so sorry that everything seems so complicated. There's such a lot of emotion tied up in HOW a baby comes into the world. I'm not saying that the birth isn't important, because it is, but everything that comes after is so much MORE important. Even if the birth experience isn't all that you'd hoped it would be (and I know exactly how you feel on that count) it's not the end all be all of experiences with your child. All that good stuff is still ahead of you. I'm so sorry that you're not going to get the birth that you wanted!

I know the folks who are going to be with you in the operating room are going to be top notch. Trusting other people when you're in such a vulnerable state is the hardest thing in the world, but they're going to come through for you and Bumble, I just know it.

Lots of good energy coming your way!

Cheryl Lage

Everyone above is spot-on...think joyous thoughts...serenity.
From the birth (and believe me on into childhood!), there is so much that is truly out of our control. While it is hard, please do try focus on the positives (your team is truly your advocate, and Bumble will arrive safely...and you will be FINE!) and try to find peace with those "unchangeables" -- have faith in each other and those who are caring for you...
Rockmama is so right...the birth IS important, but once on the other side, it seems so much less so. Regardless of interventions and route of arrival, when Bumble enters this world it IS a birth. Don't think for a minute otherwise. :)

We heard LOTS of warnings/possibilities/alerts with our pregnancy...and while risks and dangers are real, the med team is always wants to over-inform as opposed to under-inform. Try to keep your mental time spent focusing on daunting aspects to a minimal...which I know is far easier said than done.

We love you guys...this WILL all work out...and wonderfully.
Hang in there...


Thinking good thoughts for you three here--I had a c-section (I have a fibroid that grew and blocked the birth canal) and honestly, no regrets about how my boy got here. I was just so glad to finally have him here--and I am too impatient for hours of labor! Just make sure you have lots of help, and for as long as possible. You need to take care of you too, And--this is advice you can feel free to ignore, but please have your husband and family keep an eye out for post partum depression/anxiety. It may sound inconceviable now when all you want is your little one here safe and sound, but I know from experience and research that mothers with infertility issues, stressful pregnancies, deliveries etc. can be at a higher risk for PPD. Hormones and new motherhood are a powerful combination. I hope it never touches you, but because of my own few months of "mothershock" I sometimes have to put my two cents in about it. But wishing you all the best and hoping to see pictures of you with Bumble soon. You can take long strolls together at Maymont this spring!


Oh Nikole,
I cannot believe all that continues to be added to your plate. As if you haven't proven your strength and endurance over and over again already. Huge HUGS to you and John. Your one comment really hit home for me though - both of you continuing to learn adaptability. In the end, when Bumble, you and John are safely home together just cozying on the couch, enjoying that sweet bundle of love and warth, you will think back and realize once again how worth it your journey was. And when she is waking you up every hour or two for 2 - 3 months straight, you will realize how good you are at adapting, and while I won't say you will be thankful for what you are going through, I hope you gain an even deeper appreciation / understanding of it all.
I have you all in my thoughts and prayers, and am anxiously waiting for Bumble's safe arrival. Love - Molly



I am so sorry-- that is scary and hard-- I'll be praying and thinking about you--and can't wait to meet your Bumble--- I guess my only question would be-- are you sure that your OB is the absolute best person here to perform what sounds like quite complicated surgery-- I know that you have done all your homework about this-- if I were you-- it would make me feel better knowing that the best team possible is there-- in terms of surgeons/OBs, etc.


hi Nikole
I just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you and strongly visualizing you holding sweet Bumble safe and sound in your arms with your husband, and everyone smiling and happy and relieved and healthy. You are so very very brave and it sounds like the healthcare professionals are making sure everything will be as safe as possible for you both. I don't have any advice to offer, you already know more than most women in our world about what it takes to go through so much loss and complications. I'm praying for the joyful outcome you all deserve so much.


Nikole... I'm so so sorry that your birth is going to not only be the way you wanted it to be... but with so much stress associated with it too. I can only imagine the stress you and John are feeling right now.

Again, when Bumble is here and in your arms, none of this will matter. I know - sounds like a cliche. But, for me anyway, it's true.

Love to you and John. Hang in there, hon.



i love you.
i love you.
i love you.
i love you.
i love you.

you and john are amazing parents. you are an amazing mother.

many strong, serene, supportive thoughts are headed your way.

looking forward to seeing all of your sweet faces soon :)

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