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April 28, 2008


Sara Krivanec


It can be different for everyone, but for myself, 12 weeks. I'm the leader of ICAN, K gave you my info so if you need anything, call okay? I had a long nurser, but again, every baby is different. He would nurse for about a half hour on each side and go anywhere from 1-2 hours in between. My other babes were quick nursers, 5 minutes here, 10 min there...so they are all different. And just when you think you got them down, they change the schedule on you! Just be gentle with yourself, time flies with a baby and it will be 12 weeks before you know it!

Sara K.


Thea is gorgeous! Congratulations!!

As far as the recovery for the c-section goes... At two weeks I thought "wow, I feel much better". It was then that the stinging really painful feelings ended. But at three weeks PP, I thought "WOW! This feels SO much better than a week ago!" I stopped taking the pain meds somewhere in that second week, I think. I was really bothered by having to take it so long, too. STAY HYDRATED. I made the mistake of not drinking enough and ended up in the ER at 10 days PP.

Also, (just so you know) once you are feeling good and ready to get back to normal activity you can expect more bleeding. I was exercising at 5 weeks pp and couldn't figure out why I was bleeding so much...because I was doing too much!

In terms of breastfeeding...well... I fed on demand which was pretty much all the time. Those first weeks are so important in establishing your supply so I would feed him whenever he wanted which may have been every 2 hours, every 3 or even every ONE hour some days. At around 6 weeks things seemed to get more on a schedule. I went by the rule of letting him sleep as much as he wants at night but not to let him go more than 4 hours w/o eating during the day. I really would feed as much as needed right now. If I had it ALL to do over again? I would lay in my bed and nurse and recover for the first few weeks. Sounds terribly boring but it would have been a good mental move for me, I think.

Sorry I totally rambled. Let me know if you have any specific questions about recovery/breastfeeding, etc!

And, go give Thea a big hug! :)


Congratulations on your beautiful baby!!!

I had a C-section, and fortunately the pain subsided fairly quickly. I believe within 2 weeks I was feeling much better, and by 4 weeks any trace of pain or stretching in my abdomen was gone.

My son nursed on one side per feeding for about 10 minutes, usually about once every 2 hours for the first couple of weeks. We actually wrote down the times for the first two weeks to see if we could determine what was 'normal' for him. I also pumped, though the lactation consultant advised against it. I'm glad I did. About once a day my husband would give my son a bottle and I would take that time for an extended rest (4 hours of uninterrupted sleep! Yay!! Engorged boobs was a small price to pay for more sleep!)

I remember the first two weeks were by far the hardest, as far as nipple pain (and lack of sleep!!). Everyone is different, of course, but once he got the hang of it my little man was nursing about every 3-4 hours at night and about every 2 hours during the day for the first 6 weeks or so. It is a wonderful bonding experience and was worth every lost moment of sleep.

Best wishes to you!! Enjoy every precious moment, as they go by so fast. My son is now 14 months and I'm ready for another baby!! :)

Victoria from spirit babies

Hi Nikole. With my first C-section, it took 6 weeks before the stinging pain went away. After my 2nd C-section, it took one week and I felt great. I think I took meds for the pain with the first one for two weeks. I didn't want to be too dependent on Vicodin, so I switched to Motrin.

I breastfed both babies every hour to two hours for 5-10 minutes.

Best of luck with your beautiful girl. It goes by so quickly. My son just turned 10 months already and is about to walk already!


if she is feeding every hour and keeping you up all night, you can certainly call that a growth spurt - the first one usually hits around 7-10 days so she's right on schedule with it!
My 3 month old is having one right now and they are a killer. Just as you settle into a routine, the baby will either have a growth spurt or start teething or get sick. =)
every hour is most certainly a growth spurt. When not torturing me with said spurts, my son did 5-10 minutes every 2 hours, my daughter does the same but every 3 hours. That extra hour is awesome!!

I had a vaginal birth so I can't help you with your c-section question however...good Lord woman! be patient with yourself!!! you grew a baby, had the most arduous journey ever, a surprise complicated c-section delivery which involves taking out a reproductive organ and removing a human being from it (!!!) and then having it put back in and sewn up. Its only been a week and a half. There is a reason that working moms get 6 weeks for a regular birth and 8 weeks for a c-section...that is approximately what it takes to recover and get your act together with a schedule of any variety. That seems like a long time off right now but it'll fly by.

I sent you an email with a handy breastfeeding FAQ link. I loved it for various reasons.

But I really would expect her to settle back into a 2-3 hour schedule maybe next week. I remember our first couple weeks I was like "whoa! I think she has chewed my nipples OFF!" but then she settled down! I have always fed on demand only and you can just about tell time by her every 3 hours...and just yesterday she decided that she too was not going to sleep and wanted to suck me to death.

Email me if you have any breastfeeding questions and want to pick a brain.

she's beautiful and you guys are doing so great! Enjoy every minute. (and by the way, I found a way to prop up my left arm with the boppy and hold my baby while we both slept without me feeling like I was going to smoosh her. But when they are in that 6-7 lb range, they are kinda tiny and intimidating (mine was 6lbs too).) good to hear from you!



miss thea is so beautiful...what an amazing family!

i am so excited she made her debut and i am looking forward to meeting her. congratulations - im so proud of you! good luck with everything and i love you to the moon :)


Thea is gorgeous! Congratulations again!

Re: breastfeeding, all I can remember about the first few weeks is that it seemed like it was ALL the time. I think my daughter fed for 5-10minutes on each side every 1-2 hours. During growth spurts, she would be on there for a whole day at a time. I also expressed a few ounces in the morning so that my husband could give it to her in the evening. It meant I could get to bed early for some rest. Some consultants don't advise expressing so early - but you have to do what works for you! The Kellymom website is fantastic for advice.

Make sure you have a drink and some snacks handy. The best piece of advice I got was to eat when baby ate.

I found the first few weeks extremely difficult and suddenly at 6 weeks it got so much easier!

Hope this helps,


Hi, I'm a long time lurker! I had 2 Caesarean sections. The first time I found it very painful for about 3 days and then quite painful for about a week and then mildly painful up till about 4 weeks; I was still taking occasional painkillers. the 2nd time it was brilliant, I was in far less pain and I fels almost back to normal at 2 weeks. The message I took from that is that, not only is every woman different, but every section is different too and it's all very unpredictable.
Congratulations on your gorgeous baby girl and her beautiful beautiful name.....

Lu Anne Mann

Hey!!! I have been following you for quite a while under wraps. First I want to congratulate you on your beautiful baby. I am a Labor and Delivery nurse and most my pts. that have a c/s usually say it takes at least two to three wks. to start feeling somewhat normal again. Just be sure not to over do it. Both my boys would nurse for 30-45min about every 2-3 hours. Just listen to your baby and trust your instinct. Enjoy your precious little Thea.


she's gorgeous. i am so happy for you.

re: c section recovery - i used pain meds for a full 10 days, then went down to 800mgs ibruprofen in the morning and at night for another week. I'm now 6 weeks post partum and am starting to have days where i don't feel my incision at all. it's a long recovery.

some assvice: empty your bladder BEFORE you feel like you have to go... otherwise it puts pressure on your uterus and increases your bleeding. and hurts.

re: breastfeeding - the first couple of weeks he was feeding between 1-2 hours, 15-20 minutes per side. sounds like thea is right on track with that too.

and a pp added a kellymom link - i've found that website to be VERY helpful for bfing questions.

congratulations. i am so thrilled for you both.


amy (spirit babies)

Oh Nikole I wish I could be there to sneek a hug from your beautiful daughter!
I cant help w/Csection advice but give PLENTY of time for healing you dont want to have to start over again.
as far as the bfing I let the babies make the schedule but youshouldnt let them go for more than 3 hours between nursing sessions. Thats what the lactaion consultant told me, because of their blood sugar. Good luck and enjoy :)


Thea is beautiful! Congratulations again!
My c/s was not expected so I had a weird mix of drugs, and reacted badly to them. So after Molly was born I didn't want to take any narcotics and I stuck to Motrin. I probably took it for about two weeks and then I felt like I didn't need it anymore. It was probably a good month before I was brave enough to cough though. I did breastfeed her for a few weeks but neither of us was that great at it and I ended up pumping and then formula feeding.

Dr. Grumbles

She's beautiful!

Enjoy the scattered thoughts and superdaddy!


I didn't have a c-section but Aiden's birth was very traumatic and there was a lot of stitching involved to put me back together. My midwife warned that the first two weeks would be the hardest and then I should turn the corner. She was exactly right. I could barely walk or go from a sitting to standing position for the first two weeks but after that it seemed like things got easier every day. My SIL has had 2 c-sections and definitely thought the first two weeks were the most difficult but after that she didn't need the pain medication and really was able to get around great. Good luck with your recovery, I hope it is as fast as possible!

Thea is just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the pics!


Oh, she's darling and she looks just like you! Congratulations! I'm so glad things are going well and I hope you get some sleep soon!


I've been thinking about you three a lot. Glad to hear things are going well. Thea's cuter and cuter in each picture!


I've been thinking about you guys a lot! I am so glad to hear you are all doing well- Thea is gorgeous Nikole! I am so happy for you! Keep up the great updates!


I've been thinking about you guys a lot! I am so glad to hear you are all doing well- Thea is gorgeous Nikole! I am so happy for you! Keep up the great updates!


Thea is SO SO beautiful!

My c/s was totally unplanned and kind of traumatic, but I was fairly surprised at how soon I was able to be up and about. The recovery wasn't hugely painful, but the anemia kept me from being too active. I didn't get back to the gym until about 9 months after The Prawn was born because the area still felt a little "weak". I suppose the weirdest thing is the fact that I STILL have some numbness in my belly that I've kind of resigned to being around indefinitely. I hope that your recovery is quick and you get your energy back asap! :)


Dear Nikole, she is so perfect! And please don't beat yourself up about recovery -- C-sections are major surgery, and it's not like you had an easy time of it before the birth, either! Cut yourself some slack and try not to overdo it. Which means: don't do anything except looking after Thea and yourself. I know how hard it is to follow that advice, but do as I say, not as I do...

About your questions: My C-section recovery was surprisingly easy. I didn't have to take any pain medication after the first two days, so I was very, very lucky. The scar hurt for a long time, though, and light bleeding went on for weeks and weeks.

Re: breastfeeding -- Banana basically wanted a feed every two and a half hours. Problem was, she was on the boob for more than an hour at every feed, so I was completely at my wits' end, and my nipples were so painful I soon found myself thinking ahead to the next feed (the next hour) and dreading it already. But I am not a model for successful breastfeeding, alas...

catherine illian

thanks for the update-- she is more beautiful than ever-- can't wait to meet her--
about pain meds-- I was popping them several times a day for a few weeks-- don't sweat it-- you sound great-- you are amazing-- about breastfeeding schedule-- looking back I wish I hadn't been so uptight and just nursed whenever he wanted-- which is what I do now-- but during the day I never went longer than 2 1/2 to three hours between feedings-- but sometimes it was every hour-- esp. the first few days/weeks-- I would also not let him sleep longer than three hours during the day because I wanted to feed every three hours-- I did let him go as long as he would sleep between feedings at night-- which was four-five hours sometimes-- and often less-- about sleeping-- we found that a really tight swaddle helped him sleep--but enjoy when they will sleep on you bc that doesn't last--
also- the most important thing for painless breastfeeding I think is the latch-- and I love Jack newman's book and kellymom.com
-- don't forget to rest as much as possible- I wouldn't worry about anything but loving her, feeding her and feeding/taking care of yourself-- so happy for the three of you-- Thea has a wonderful mommy!

catherine illian

ps so impressed that you are able to get coherent thoughts together--- as this stage all I could remember was to eat and brush my teeth..


What a beautiful baby!

I too had a c-section. My recovery lasted about two weeks and then I felt great. The swelling in your feet and ankles is due to all to the IV that they gave you before the c-section. I asked that question because I was shocked at how swollen my feet were especially since I was hoping my swelling would go down after the delivery and instead it got so much worse. I stopped my pain meds by the 5th or 6th day I think. They gave me percocet which hardly helped anyway. My milk came in by the 5th day I think. And it took about two weeks to get it up to full speed. Good luck with your recovery and congratulations on your sweet little girl. I still look at my Lily every day and can't believe she's here.


Gorgeous! Just GORGEOUS! I cannot believe she is here either, and when I think about it, I am just SO happy for you!!

As for our bf-ing schedules, neither one of them were what the books said they should be.

Both of my girls were very fast eaters.
Madison nursed ~7 - 10 minutes on each side at each feeding, and at first, probably went 1 - 3 hours between each feeding. I do think she could have eaten longer on the first side, but I was so worried about staying balanced, that once I figured out how long she would eat total, I cut it in half, and made her switch sides half way in between.

With Delaney, I didn't care as much about switching sides, so her bf-ing schedule was much less of a "schedule". While I do think she still ate every 1 - 3 hours, I would let her go as long as she wanted on one side, and offer her the other. Sometimes she would take it for a little bit, other times, she wouldn't take it at all. Once she got bigger, she did finally start eating off of both sides at each feeding.

Also with Delaney, my bbs got very sore to the point that they cracked. I used the lansioh ointment with Madison pretty faithfully, but didn't with Delaney until I was cracked. So if even soreness is at all an issue, I highly recommend it. That way, you can try to cut off any further problems before they get too painful.

As for me, the best advice I can offer is to just take it one day at a time. Celebrate each day, and try not to get too caught up in the textbook answers. Wet / poopy diapers are a great way to keep peace of mind and ensure Thea is getting enough, but all the other numbers are just numbers. You two will have each other figured out before you know it!

Goodluck! And please let me / us know if you need anything! My support is always here!

beautiful curve

i am so very happy for you.
i hope for a similar outcome in a few months. After the loss of my first daughter i was heartbroken and felt hopeless..now the hope is slowly coming back!

congratulations! enjoy your happiness!

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