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March 28, 2008



Thank you for posting. So sorry this happened. I will be praying for your family.


Thank goodness everyone is fine!! Keeping you and Bumble in my thoughts.


A former Richmonder here, I have been following your story for awhile now--my first baby (third pregnancy...)was due Jan 3, 2007 (a familiar date I know)although he came a little earlier due to some placenta issues. Please know that I wish you the best--try to relax as much as you can now (ha) Here's hoping your little one incubates a little longer athough I am sure you are ready to be a mama! Spring in Richmond is a lovely time to have a baby.


I am praying for you and the baby. April 22 is not far now...hang in there, try to relax, get peace, and baby Bumble will arrive to a loving set of arms.


UGH I hate IVs!! I know you are probably scared and frustrated, and you and your hubby and baby will be in my prayers. But I am confident that your journey will have a beautiful conclusion. That "conclusion" is only the beginning of a whole new journey. Try to tolerate the hospital circumstances as much as you can. I know how uncomfortable and crowded those broom closets, (aka hospital rooms) are. Try to rest. Sleep is one of the only things you can hoard, store, save up...
Try to be at peace and know that you and your baby are safe and life will take on a much more "normal" feeling in a few weeks. They will seem like long weeks but in the very near future you will have a new routine that fits like an old pair of sneakers, a routine that includes a lot of baby poop and bottle washing or breast pumping, telling the puppy not to lick the baby, or maybe pulling poopy diapers out of the puppy's bed (yes, my dogs ate a poopy diaper or two!!). There will be a lot of putting a precious baby in and taking her out of a car seat, sore shoulders from toting around said carseat. You will find new coordination skills in grocery shopping while holding a pacifier in the baby's mouth. You will discover, by accident, that bumble likes loud Guns 'n Roses music when she's fussy in the car (or something equally surprising). When you are watching Jay Leno reruns at 3am or trying to recall the lyrics to some obscure lullaby-ish song your grandma sang to you this long and arduous journey will just be a part of your beautiful family story.

So hang in there. and God Bless!


SO glad to hear that all of you are okay.
try to hang in there. sending lots of good energy your way!


I'm just sending hope and good thoughts.


Keeping you all always in my thoughts! Lots of love, hope, faith, kisses, hugs and eventual bliss!


I don't post much, but I've been following your story for some time. I will keep your family in my prayers.
Keep baking, little Bumble!


Thinking of you and sending good vibes to you and your family! Hang on, Bumble!


I am so sorry you are stuck at the hospital for so long, but so happy that you are safe and being monitored now. Phew! You will definitely need games and books to keep you busy! (I'm lame, I know). Now's an excuse to watch lots of movies on the laptop as well...every movie you always wanted to see but never had the time. Or, learn a language from Rosetta Stone or something like that...you know, the kind of language you might say you'd always wanted to learn for that country you've always wanted to visit (but never seem to?) In all seriousness, you are in my prayers and I wish all the best for you! I know this was not in your plan either. Hugs to you!!!!


Sending best whishes and all kind of positive thoughts. Hold on there!


Thinking of you, Nikole!


I've also been following your story for some time now. Hang in there (you and Bumble) and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Soon you will be home with your baby bundle of joy!


Me oh my--what excitement. I just looked at John's blog and then through the Easter pictures to see you standing with hand on belly, as if to hold Bumble in there. Keep holding that belly. Just a little while longer.
Oh, I'm telling you that I just can't wait to meet her. And just remember that this is all a part of the wonderful story of how she comes into the world and meets everyone that's waiting for her. (She's just apparently decided to write a little extra drama here in these latest pages, for her last few weeks inside....)

Here's hoping the nurses treat you right and that you indulge, amply, in bad TV.

Much love to you and the B.


we will be thinking of you guys! it won't be long until you get to meet bumble!!!! i am so excited for you both!

Tin Lai

You're in my thoughts. Rest up and please keep us posted.

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