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March 27, 2008



My heart was in my throat for a moment there. :-\

We'll be praying for all three of you. I'm sure it's scary...it always is. But we'll be praying that little Bumble stays put (and somewhat quiet) until her time comes...

No rush little girl...you grow just a little more!


You all will be in our prayers! I had a friend who was on bedrest for 4 months (wasn't even allowed to sit up on the couch!) after bleeding episodes like that so I've heard a lot about being restricted. I'm glad everything halted up and you are given a chance to "rest it out." I can't imagine how scary this must be for you, but you have been so strong and you're in the home stretch now! We will be praying and hoping!

Cheryl Lage

Whew...no offense "husband," but seeing you as the poster did alarm me a bit, too! Thank you for quickly declaring all "fine!"

Forced and supervised bedrest while not a delight DOES have a pronounced tendency to prolong the birth as much as humanly possible. Keeping "stay in there and cook" thoughts going for Bumble (and you all's peace of mind)...each day (heck, each HOUR) is a palpable benefit to Baby.

Keeping you all in thoughts and prayers. 33 is very, very good, Bumble (and mama and daddy)--you keep up the good work!


You and your family are in my prayers. You are in the best of hands. Keep your chin up and soon you will have your long awaited bumble in your arms.


Whew - panicked for a moment there...

Sending love, healthy thoughts and hope that Bumble decides to stay warm and cozy for another few weeks.

You're all in my thoughts.


WHEW! I'm glad to hear they're both fine.

Fingers crossed that she makes it a few more weeks... you're so close.

Sending you good wishes and thoughts to all three of you -



sheesh. you two just never get a break. glad the bumble is hanging in there!!!


So glad to hear that the hospital was able to make things (a little) better. You are in our prayers! And what a wonderful husband you are for keeping Nikole's community up to speed. I don't think you need to hear it, but Bumble is very blessed to have you two as her parents.
Good luck with the doctors and u/s!

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