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January 17, 2008



It's great to hear from you!! I'm very glad Bumble is doing well. I hope your cold goes away. Enjoy yourself at the shower. I enjoyed nesting. I got to clean and organize the entire house.


Cloth isn't that big a deal - they certainly smell better than disposables do. The biggest downside for me was the amount of space I needed for my stash. What're you planning to use?


I felt exactly the same way when I was pregnant with Molly, I was terrified to put the nursery together even though I was anxious to do it. It kept me feeling like I was in control, which anyone who has had recurrent miscarriage knows is really impossible. I never relaxed about bringing her home, but I got more comfortable with the idea that it might happen at the end.
I didn't have placenta previa, but I did have a C section and it wasn't bad at all. I healed quite nicely, and since some of my friends delivered naturally and tore horribly, I felt like I may have been the lucky one.
I'm sooooo thrilled for you. Keep us updated when you are feeling up to it.


It's so nice to hear that things are going well for you (despite the pp). I had a c-section (and really wanted a natural birth)... but I ended up with a healthy baby and I'm eternally grateful (and there was no ripping!)... which was quite nice.

Cloth diapering is great. I LOVE it! I just posted on it actually. BTW I read most of the books you're reading and they are great! My biggest regret about 'stuff' was not gettting an organic baby mattress and saying 'no' to plastic stuff from the very beginning.


I was so happy to read this post. I've been thinking about you a lot recently. We're going to cloth diaper, too, so take notes for me. : ) Hope to see you soon.


I am like your husband... I get very nervous when my pregnant wife stands up, wobbles, then shuffles down the hall. I am constantly reminding her to sit down/stand up/move more slowly and deliberately. I hope she knows I am just being protective of her and not being a nag.

Anyways, congrats on 23 weeks.



SO good to have a positive update! I've been fretting. :-) Like Michelle above, I had a C-section. The first week was tough, but after that I was SO glad to have had that instead of a vaginal birth. I've had too many girlfriends say that their vaginal labors were a very difficult recovery. My C-section seemed like a breeze in comparison. It made my maternity leave much more enjoyable I think. I could focus on my baby instead of my recovery.

Also, I relate to the losing-baby fears after coming along so far. When you suffer with the pain of past pregnancy losses, it's hard to enjoy all the little in-the-moment experiences with a healthy pregnancy. We're always waiting for the other shoe to drop. But try if you can to consciously breathe in the moments...the baby will be here before you know it and you'll wish you had enjoyed it more.

Blessings, blessings, and more blessings on all three of you! I anxiously await more news! (And pictures eventually.) :-)



I can certainly forgive your lack of blogging when I can guess you have simply been preoccupied with finally apparently (hopefully) getting what you've wanted for so long. I can't say I am certain I will blog nearly as often once I actually get to experience second and/or third trimester. I guess you are still in the second, but wow you are awfully close to the third trimester and that makes me very happy.

Hope the previa doesn't cause too many hassles and continues to not affect Bumble's development.


Glad to hear everything is going well. You're in my thoughts. Hoping the next few months for you are as uneventful as possible.


I'm so glad everthing is okay! I was anxious, too. We went through fertility treatment to conceive our daughter, and that in itself was a roller coaster. When it finally worked, I was scared to death of losing the baby. It all worked out, though, and if I had it all to do over again, I might be a little less anxious.

I'm so excited for you that you're almost there! These next few months will fly by! Take it easy and let John take good care of you. And get your rest! You'll need to save up for when Bumble comes home!


Dear Nikole, it is so good to hear that all is well with you, and that the fall didn't do any harm. I can understand your anxiety so well, and am hoping with all my heart that things continue to go so well for you and Bumble.



I'm glad to hear things are going well, and will keep you in my thoughts over the next few weeks...this is soo exciting! I hope the Bumble continues to do well- she sounds like she'll be a swimmer with those kicking feet! <3e

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