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December 27, 2007


Mary Ellen

I am sorry about your scare a couple of weeks ago, but good to know that things are going well overall. 4 1/2 months will be here before you know it!!


Looks like it will be a new year to really look forward to. Great to hear things are going well.


That's really wonderful!


Thanks for updating us! I'm just overflowing with happiness for you. Lemme know if you need help painting the nursery or anything. I'm here anytime you need me.


What a great update! That last bleed must have been scary. I'm glad all is well though. Hang in there! It sounds like things are great!!!


So relieved to hear from you...I was getting a bit worried. But I'm happy all is well. Those little kicks are pretty amazing aren't they? Wait for the next few months...those kicks turn to rolls and squishes and lots of fun! :-0


So glad to hear everything is okay with you and Bumble!


Good to hear things are going well. Hope you stay healthy the rest of your pg, and Happy Holidays to you, John and of course, little Miss Bumble. There are times, I just love reading your blog. Like when you mention how you giggle when Bumble lets you know she is there - I can just picture it and tears of happiness jump into my eyes for you. I cannot wait to meet this little girl! I can only imagine how you must feel!!! Here's to an exciting 2008!!


here's to you, and to john, and to bumble. happy new year!


I'm so happy for you both that all's right with you and Bumble! Have a wonderful New Year and try to enjoy yourself---this is, by far, the best time in your pregnancy!


So glad you are still progressing along. I love that you are picking out names! Pick a great one for the little bundle of amazing!


Congratulations! Sorry to hear about the scare though. Feeling the baby move is amazing. I remember that was my favorite part of being pregnant with my DD. Can't wait to feel that again! Maybe soon. We're going back to our RE on Jan 7th.

jen lemen

nikole, i'm SO happy this pregnancy is going so well. i hope the next time i see you it is as a new mom with this sweet baby in your arms.

jen lemen

nikole, i'm SO happy this pregnancy is going so well. i hope the next time i see you it is as a new mom with this sweet baby in your arms.

Paul Hammond

Allow me to offer a song that you might enjoy. Ready or Not by Jackson Browne. This song is only about 35 years old. Please, no comments. It's all about the joy and confusion of becoming a parent, especially from the male point of view. Here's some lyrics, but you need to hear the original if you can.
Someone's going to have to explain it to me
I'm not sure what it means
My baby's feeling funny in the morning
She's having trouble getting into her jeans
Her waist-line seems to be expanding
Although she never feels like eating a thing
I guess we'll reach some understanding
When we see what the future will bring


Dear Nikole, it's so good to hear that things are looking so good for Bumble, and that she's a girl! How wonderful. I'm very sorry about your bleeding scare -- that kind of thing is frightening indeed. I hope your placenta travels upwards, so you won't have to worry about previa anymore. So glad you're being monitored so closely.

What a watershed year 2007 was for you -- and may 2008 bring you nothing but joy.


Hi Nikole - a bit worried that you haven't posted since Friday. Hoping everything is OK.


I'm thinking of you, too, and hope things are well.

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