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December 06, 2007



Congratulations on your daughter!!! I wish you a very uneventful pregnancy. Yay for girls!!!!


Oh, I KNEW it was a girl!!! Yay!!

And thank goodness that Bumble is measuring spot on - excellent news.

And... Sounds like you couldn't really ask any more of your OB practice.

A good day all around. Take it easy and take care of you and Bumble...



Congrats on your perfect little girl!!

Its a good thing they found the Placenta Previa and as long as its monitored, you really shouldn't worry too much. They will monitor it closely and I'm sure everything will be just fine.

The frustrating part will be not being able to do everything you want to do, both because of energy and just being careful because of your placenta. But you'll be OK. You'll adjust to a new routine.

I am so happy for you - a girl!! yaaaay!!! I'm sure you're exhausted from your emotional roller coaster from the quad screen. With my first pregnancy, even though it came back fine, I stressed SO much I swore Id never do it again. and yet I did do it again because I wanted to know.

You'll feel better in a couple days.

many hugs to you guys!


hey! I would like to add that I said I thought you were having a girl in a comment on 11/28 under your "moving along" post!

I love being right.


gloating (and SO happy for you) total stranger,


hey nikole...just wanted you to know i had a similar diagnosis and a very complicated pregnancy and everything was just fine. i researched a bunch if you need any encouragement i'm happy to share....much peace.
a girl....so very exciting!


Congratulations Nikole! What great news, and I am so happy to hear you are receiving such good care. Tears of joy for you, John and your daughter!!


oh honey, that is wonderful news!! a little girl!

please continue to take care of yourself; i am happy to hear you are being well looked after and monitored.

keep breathing angel, and focusing on that sweet, sweet girl who is coming soon...



I hope all goes as well as possible with the placenta previa.

Congrats on a girl!


A little girl! Yay! Just take care of yourself and we'll be cheering you on in the wings! Sending all my best...


CONGRATULATIONS and have fun getting ready for Bumble-Girl!! Wish I was there to see you in your new winter coat. Don't worry too much about the PP, my friend had an easy normal birth with it. Just take it easy and let John keep being your hero. xoxoxo

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