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December 06, 2007



Nikole -

Will be keeping you, your hubby, and your little one in my prayers - fingers crossed that you got a false abnormal.


I'm keeping you all in my thoughts this morning. Hang in there!


I will pray for you. Remember, though, how much you already love Bumble. You are already blessed.

Please let us know how you are.


Oh man. Hoping hard this is a false positive - I heard they are very, very common at this stage, even more so than for the first trimester screening... Sending hopeful thoughts.


I wish they had a better test so that they wouldn't scare people with so many false positives. I looked for a supportive quote to add, but none were good enough. Suffice it to say: my prayers are with you.


I will keep you guys in my prayers. I hope that everything is okay. Hang in there.


My fingers are crossed and you are all in my thoughts. Oh dear, I really hope it is a false alarm. Hang in there!


Hoping that this is nothing, just another one of those false positives you hear about.

Fingers crossed and sending you all the healthy baby vibes I can manage.


Mommy Someday

Oh man. Fingers crossed that it was a false positive!!! You are in my thoughts and prayers...


Thinking about all three of you. I'm sorry you have to experience such a scare, especially after the otherwise great appointment.


Praying for you, Nikole.


I'm sending positive vibes your way.


Hoping all is ok

Rachel Inbar

Here (in Israel) they give the risk as a number (e.g., 1:150) and then you can at least understand that 149 babies are perfectly healthy... These tests do have a high false positive rate, especially since a positive is usually defined as anything riskier than about 1:200 or 1:250 (as soon as it is lower than the m/c rate for amnio).


Oh nikole I am thinking of you, all three of you, and hoping very hard that everything is ok.


What was the outcome? I hope everything is OK, keeping you in thoughts and prayers.


I know how u feel, my doctor just called with my test results on monday, saying the same thing. They couldent get me in to see a perinatologist for another two weeks. I hope your baby is well!

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