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November 07, 2007



Um - I think a twelve week little jig is in order, my dear - I know I'm doing one for you at my little cubicle!!!!



Be proud of that little belly! You've earned it =)


Can't wait to hear about Bumble more on Friday as he/she's heart just pounds away for you. Glad to hear he/she is making the world know about their existance. Just wondering if you are having any feelings on if it is a boy or girl? Moms just seem to have an intuition on these things ;)


Hey, dads have intuition too!



I get so happy everytime you have a new post and it isn't about a loss. I love reading that you are having the sickies and a belly instead of signs of trouble. I hope to read about a nice strong HB thru the Doppler at your appt.

Wishing you the best!


Oh yes - what SaraS-P said! I hope you soon feel relaxed enough and reassured enough to celebrate that bump.


SO happy to hear you are all still doing well, and tons of luck to you tomorrow. Will be thinking of you. Is John going with you?

So like Bridget asked, what are mom's (and dad's) gut feelings right now?


Can't wait to hear all about that great appointment on Friday!


so glad to hear things are going ok. Fingers crossed for today.

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