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November 28, 2007



Stop making me cry at work! xo xo xo


Here in the UK we don't do baby showers either, and I have always struggled with the idea of them. Pleased to see you back again, Nikole, and hoping things soon become a little easier on the sick front.


Hang in there! Day by day you are making it. You can't be expected to do more than that.


i hate it when people say they know what you mean, but i really think that i know what you mean.
i feel the same way. it's so hard to let go of the fear that it can all go wrong. i'm getting closer, and after our diagnostic ultrasound both of us visibly started breathing easier. maybe you will find that too.
wishing you the best and am just so pleased that things are ticking along...


Back where I am originally from there are no baby showers either. Friends and family shower you with gifts only after the little one is safely out. I have been a proud naturalized US citizen for a while now, but there won't be a baby shower for me. Pretty much all of my IRL friends struggle with this preference of mine, buy I just don't think I can go there. Hopefully there will be a welcome home party, or a baby naming, or something like that.


YEAH! so glad to see all is well. I never completely relaxed either; anyone who has been through multiple miscarriages never will. Keep us updated when you feel well enough.


Nikole, Sending you and Bumble my warmest, coziest hugs and love. I know exactly how you feel, and I will be honest, for me the concern was always there - though by the end, it was small. But after experiencing a loss, how could I not keep myself a little guarded to that possiblity. However, just knowing that you are working on it and really trying to cherish all your time with Bumble, makes you such a great mom, and you and Bumble will be all that much more connected when he / she makes his / her arrival. You are finding out what you are having, right?!?!? When is that u/s again? Hooray for optimism!! Wishing you and all your family a happy holiday season. Keep us updated when you can!!! L, Molly


Nikole, I had a lot of the same fears after miscarrying twice, 16 years apart. The bigger you get, the easier it is. But being intentional in enjoying this experience is a good piece of advice on every level. Today I enjoy my son and my husband more than most women I think. Because I've lost in both instances and I had regrets about not taking in everything when I had the chance. So you're doing well! It's good to hear the excitement in your posts.

Dominique Arcadio

Nikole, hang in there... I know you can't see it from where you're standing but you're doing great. Don't be too hard on yourself, ups and downs and worrying is normal, you're not alone. Enjoy each day and rely on family & friends to keep you cheery.
All my best !


Exactly! Nikole, I've been feeling the same way, like every person I tell, every item I buy, I'm just going to jinx the whole thing. I'm at almost 13 weeks, and struggling to be positive through my first healthy pregnancy. Just know that there are others like us you who are feeling the same way, and I whole-heartedly believe that we just don't have any choice but to try to enjoy every moment of pregnancy. Continued good luck to you:).

Mary Ellen

I totally know how you feel. I am popping out like crazy so there's no more hiding it. I am so afraid of jinxing everything too. Just try to enjoy every precious moment. Sending lots of love to you and bumble.


It's so odd; I only know you in the blog world, yet I check to see if you've posted almost on a daily basis. I am so happy that all continues to go well for you and the baby. I think once you meet someone else that has had trouble "staying pregnant"--that's how I always say it to people, then there's a kinship there.

Best wishes!! I'll check in again soon.


You are having the best attitude, IMO. With all that you've been through, I can see how you'd want to cherish every day of continuing to be pregnant.


So funny ... it was 14 weeks for me yesterday, and I did the closet cleanout on Sunday with my mom. I'm feeling all of the same things. If anything, I'd like to have a christening party after the baby is born. So far it's a much more comfortable option. I have to say, your thoughts on enjoying every moment bring tears to my eyes, too. I keep waiting for the moment when I know everything will be all right, and I'm starting to look back and see so many special times that I'm not embracing like I could. I want to give in completely but it just feels like the hardest and easiest thing at the same time. But you're right: The chance to bring our babies home is worth every scary but precious second. It really is. Thanks for sharing ... as you can see, it means so much to so many of us. Wishing all the best for you, John and Bumble.


Nikole - That was the best post. Your last line truly said it all. I just went through my second miscarriage and I felt renewed by that last line. Thanks, hang in there... she's worth it. And you deserve it -- good luck with the doctor.


Let us know how your appointment went...we're all thinking of you.

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