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November 06, 2007



Phew - great news, and I am so glad to hear it! Enjoy your shopping expedition now that you aren't feeling quite so sick - isn't it all supposed to get so much better at 12 weeks? Nothing to worry about, I am sure.

Mary Ellen

I am so glad that all is well. Enjoy maternity clothes shopping. Aren't bella bands awesome? I love mine.


Oh, I'm so happy things are progressing. You deserve this, so very much.


Whew! I was so worried about you. I'm so glad things are okay.


Woo hoo! I'm glad to hear that the spotting went away. And I have a lot of confidence that things are still going well in there - can't wait to see the happy post that you both heard a good strong heartbeat on Friday.

Fingers still crossed.



glad to hear things are going well! let me know if you want to come raid my boxes of maternity clothes.


That's just great news! I am so happy things are going well and you're starting to feel better- right on schedule too! Love and Hugs..


Twelve weeks! Twelve weeks! Twelve weeks! That's a major milestone. Take in a deep breath with me. One, two, three... Now let it out slowly... That's a sigh of relief. Hooray! Glad to share that with you.
I definitely felt better when I hit 12 weeks--not just emotionally but physically. I think there's something about that shift your body makes that helps with some of the troubles of the onslaught of new pregnancy as your body really settles into this whole business.
Get thee some new clothes. I'd put off buying maternity clothes as long as possible because of the losses. But I know when I discovered the stretchable waistband jersey pants at Motherhood I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. I really believed I might wear them until my dying day, they felt like such a relief from my ill-fitting regular clothes.
You are still pregnant, missy. 12 weeks! 12 weeks! 12 weeks!


12 weeks! HOORAY! Thanks for the update!


So glad things seem to be going well! I hope the spotting stays away and you get to hear that little heartbeat on Friday. Sending good thoughts your way. XOXO


Good luck on Friday and good luck with the clothes shopping


Very glad to read that all is well. I started to get a bit worried why you weren't posting. I'm also very glad to read that your nausea and sickness is getting a bit better. I never had it that horribly but I was glad when I didn't have to vomit every single night :-S.

Fingers crossed for Friday. Don't forget to update, you know, your readership awaits more good news ;-).



Have fun clothes shopping! Maternity clothes are so in fashion right now, even for the non-pregnant people. Can't wait to hear about Friday's appt. Fingers and toes crossed.


Yipee yipee yeah yeah!


So glad to hear that you are hanging around! Can you believe that you are 12 weeks preggo?!?! So happy for you and cannot wait for that good u/s report! Don't make us wait too long for that one!


Embrace the maternity pants love, they are so comfy. And cute now too! I found some jeans and cute cords. I also have been loving loose fit drawstring pants and empire waist dresses over jeans. I am all about the comfort.

I will be thinking about you on Friday sending good vibes for a strong heartbeat on the doppler. When my "morning" sickness finally went away it happened fast like yours, I was convinced that meant something was wrong, but I am still pregnant. So are you.


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