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October 09, 2007



I'm so glad you had a good appointment. I'm happy things are going well and that Bumble is doing great!!!


I am so glad the appointment went so well! Any bleeding is scary. I am hoping all continues to go well for you.


I'm so glad for you! Stay strong, and stay healthy, you're in my thoughts.


I'm so glad for you! Stay strong, and stay healthy, you're in my thoughts.


Just wanted to let you know I've been thinking about you!



lisa g

Tears in my eyes from relief for you! Keep up the good work Bumble!


Glad to hear things are doing well. Spotting early in the pregnancy can sometimes not mean anything. Get lots of rest and hang in there. You only have a few more weeks until the end of the first trimester, although I'm sure that seems so far away. You'll be in my thoughts.




so happy for you I know that was a huge relief

Filtering Life

Praise God! I am so happy there was nothing of concern and you got to see a strong little heartbeat.


I stumbled upon your website, and my heart goes out to you. I am recently married, and my husband and I just starting trying to conceive. It's amazing how easy TV makes it look- one brief encounter and then the rest of the movie or episode all about a baby. I'm finding, in reality, that there is a lot more waiting, uncertainty, and exasperation involved in the process. I started my site as a place to vent, and was so pleased to find such an online community of women going through so many things. I think you are very brave- the things that you write help me to be more brave as well. All my best to you and baby.


Sorry to be coming in late on this, but I am sitting here sharing your relief!



Oh so very, very, very glad :)


Yaaay! (Jumping up and down for you). Hang in there...only a few more weeks till that lovely 2nd trimester!!

Love and prayers.


I have been holding my breath for you, Nikole. Am so glad both of us can breathe happily and celebrate Bumble. Thankful that the quick heart within you brings your heart some degree of peace.

The heart insists
itself inside heart, larger
bodied, more than want to
blood real.

Consider, at eight
weeks, the elbow that allows
the arm to cross the body, as if
to comfort itself. Rest,
in small creature, rambunctious
beat caught on machine
that peers through
to this tiniest, most
insistent of openclose--so
much more than valve and muscle
comes the ticking song,

this news
of continuing carry, of
true child, of the hard,
blood work of coming to be born.



I'm SO glad!

Maybe bumble grow more and more.


OMG...I am so glad Bumble is still looking good.


Good news! Heres to spot staying away from this point forward!


Yay! Now you can look forward to your first OB appointment on Thursday with a light heart! Enjoy sitting in the waiting room with all of the other pregnant ladies! You'll love it! Yay for Bumble!


Yay, Bumble! Yay, you! Definitely keep resting and taking care of both of you.


WAHOO! That's awesome news!!! Bumble, I am praying for your journey into this world. You have a mommy and daddy who loves you soooo much!

Nikole, I had tears in my eyes thinking about my boy today. He's 8.5 months and was conceived through IVF. I cried thinking about about how much joy he brings to our lives. And how all the shots, vagina u/s, etc. were all so worth it.

I will continue to pray that for Bumble and you. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!


Wonderful relief for sure. HUGS!


Yay!!! First thing I did this morning was log in to check on you and bumble... what great news! 221 days to go... hope this was your last scare!


Thank goodness. There's a lot of reasons for spotting, I am so happy to hear that this was just a scare and nothing more.


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