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October 08, 2007


Mommy Someday

Yikes!! Good luck! I am sending tons of positive thoughts and good wishes your way! Remember -- the bleeding could be anything...and brown blood is definitely the best kind (if there is such a thing)!


Try, try, try not to worry. It's around the time your next period would be due, and your body might be reacting to that. I've heard that happens. I am seven weeks along right now, and I had the light brown spotting at four weeks and it was over within a week. But I'm sure your doctor will see you ASAP tomorrow, and that little heart thumping away will reassure you like nothing else can. Sending good thoughts your way!


PRAYING! So praying! I for sure would go in for an u/s. No words but prayers. HUGS!


(And her husband is 300 miles away, worrying.) I'm also wishing I could just be there right this moment, even if all my presence can do is let us be worried together. I love you. xo.


Thinking only big beautiful thoughts for you and John. Love!


Praying, hoping and crossing all fingers...

Cheryl & Scott

Praying, hoping, sending light and confidence.
Will be keeping you all in thoughts and hoping for reassurance galore following tomorrow's appointment.
Much love--and optimism!


thinking of you tonight with much love and much hope. xoxoxo


Haven't visited your blog for some time now. I will pray for you and your little one. And yes, call your RE asap.
Peace to you, S.


sending positive vibes your way ! Hang in there.


Oh, it really is nerve-wracking to have some bleeding early in pregnancy.

If it makes you feel any better (probably not, but you never know) when I was pregnant I bled/spotted at 4, 6, 8, 9 and 11 weeks (yikes!!), including bright red blood twice, and my baby is now 4 months old. One thing my doctor told me (and don't take this as gospel, doctors aren't gods of course and some might tell you different) is that if you were miscarrying, you would probably start to bleed quite heavily pretty soon. I'm sure there are exceptions, but if it stays light, that is a REALLY good sign. Also, the feeling very pregnant is also a good sign.

You will overwhelmingly likely feel much better after getting an ultrasound... asap, for your own peace. Try to get some sleep (easier said than done).


Sending you light & love and hoping for the best...


Rachel Inbar

I know how hard it is not to panic, but brown blood = old blood & bleeding in pregnancy in general is not that rare. In any case the panic doesn't help... (though, from my experience it doesn't cause any damage either).

The advice I always got was that if you suspect you have cramping, drink a lot... Hoping everything works out well!


Oh Nikole, poor you - hoping and hoping and hoping that everything shows up all right on the scan. Lots of support from over here.


Dear Nikole, sending all my good hopes your way. May you return reassured.


Thinking only good, good thoughts for you. Rest up. Good luck!


Sending you a ton of positive energy - spotting in early pregnancy can be common and mean absolutely nothing.

Please keep us posted. Love and hugs to you.


Sending every bit of positive energy, hope and prayers I can... and big hugs!


Sending lots of positive thoughts. My prayers are with you and John. Hugs.


I experienced something similar to this at 11 weeks, but it was bright red blood! Everything turned out okay, though, and I am hoping the same for you. "Light" and "brown" are good adjectives right now!

I wish you the best.


I spotted at 6 weeks and for two weeks on and off - it was bright red and I was totally scared. Everything is now fine and they think it was my placenta previa that was the cause. Hugs - sending you lots of positive thoughts!


Thinking positive thoughts! Everything that has been posted before me is pretty reassuring though - but get in to see thy doctor stat! I love that your wonderful husband posted here as well.


praying for you-- glad you are going ahead with the scan-- it will make you feel better-- and help you know if there is anything to be concerned about--

I don't know if you remember but I had lots of spotting and bleeding with Jack on and off for about four weeks-- at around that time-- it think around 7-10 weeks it was awful-- and so stressful-- but he is sitting here now-- so I wish the best for you-- rest alot--


You've got all my best thoughts... Hope for the best.

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