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October 31, 2007



We're rooting for you, Bumble! Sending good thoughts your way...




Don't worry, it will all work out.


I remember light brown spotting a little bit around 12 weeks (I now have a healthy 8 month old). Freaked me out, too. But my OB said that it is not uncommon, including the cervical and pelvic-area sensations, since your body is stretching and trying to make room for baby.

Best of luck to you, I have been following your blog for awhile. I am so happy for you!!


please don't give up. it happens all the time. you have to stay positive. i know it's hard, i feel for you, but honestly, it is not uncommon to have a little spotting on and off in pregnancy. I'm sorry you have to have all this worry. I'll be thinking of you.


I agree you should stay positive. I hope all is well.


Hang in there, Nikole. It's so hard to feel confident in a pregnancy when you keep seeing brown on a pad. :(

You're doing just fine. Keep breathing.

High hopes here that this is nothing and all is well with your little one.


christina (theoneliner)

oh sweet pea. i am sure it is nothing, but agree that it is scary as all. sending you warm wishes.

Mrs Spock

I'm just two weeks ahead of you myself, and I had similar brown spotting once or twice. The doc said it was nothing but an irritated cervix, probably from doing the you know what...I've also had weird twinges and pullings around my cervix and zinging near the sides of my uterus. I was told it was just the growing ute and round ligament pains...


Praying for you.


oh no, Nikole. i'm so sorry you have to have a scare like this. . .i so hope that it's just that -- a scare. keep us updated.

Mary Ellen

Crap. I hope the spotting is nothing. Thinking of you.


Loads of good thoughts coming your way! Let us know how everything goes.


Thinking of you...and wishing you only the best!


No no no no no!

Just no!

No no no!

I don't want this to happen to you again.

Hoping for the best...


Thinking good thoughts for you and rooting for you and Bumble.


Keeping you and Bumble in my thoughts and prayers. Update when you can. Love to you.


(This is the husband speaking.) I'll twist her arm for an update this evening, but the spotting stopped Thursday night soon after it started. We didn't go to the doctor yesterday. (Jerks.) And Nikole has been extremely nauseas and tired since last night. We go as scheduled next Friday for another ultrasound. Tomorrow is 12 weeks and we're still optimists!


THANK GOD!! is the first thing that came to my mind! I hope all continues to go well! Go BUMBLE!!


Nikole- This same thing happened to me at exactly the same time in my pregnancy...and my daughter will be one in five days. It is normal at this stage of the pregnancy. I was a wreck, like you are I imagine, but just know that you have gotten this far, and little Bumble is a fighter! And...so are you for that matter.


Stupid bodies. Why don't they ever take it easy on us?

Is it possible to think about these moments as times when Bumble is connecting _deeper_ to you?
Keep talking to her/him.
I am an UTTER optimist for this baby and for your family. Know that.
Much much love to you.


Don't think I've ever commented here before, but I've been reading for awhile now.

Hope everything is going better for you today. Keeping your baby Bumble in our prayers this evening.


I too would be frantic, but let's hope this time it really is just one of those little bits of 'quite normal' bleeding that lots and lots of women get. Will be thinking of you.


I've been thinking about you a lot since I first read this post. I hope things are continuing to improve and that you are resting this weekend. I bled profusely at the 11-week mark and continued to spot for the next four to five weeks. I'm currently 40 weeks, 1 day and anxiously awaiting the birth of my daughter. Try to not lose hope! I can't wait to hear the results of your ultrasound next week.

Cheryl & Scott

Keeping very good thoughts for all of you, and feeling optimistic that it is just that demon spotting that makes us all so uneasy---but isn't all that atypical.

Hang in there, and let us know news when you can---
Love you guys---

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