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October 25, 2007



I'll be thinking in you and sending best whishes for the ultrasound.


Still in my thoughts, and I'm wishing nothing but good news for you. Keep us posted on how you're doing!


I would tell you not to worry, but that is pointless, because of COURSE you will worry. But I am rooting for Bumble with all of my heart! Can't wait to read the good update!


Fingers crossed, eagerly anticipating your post-ultrasound report...


Thinking of you! All will be well! Waiting for news.

Rachel Inbar

Waiting to hear the good news :-) Take it easy! I know your fear, it never goes away. Fortunately it also doesn't mean anything about what's actually happening.


Sending you warm wishes and hope-filled thoughts -- think positive, Bumble needs you to!


I know it is hard to think positive... Thinking of you... Sometimes we need to let ourselves dream a bit. I hope you can do that more soon.


Thinking of you, John, and your little one.


Little Bumble needs your positive thoughts now...you're the mama! Please know that I am thinking of you and saying a prayer for Bumble...it will all be all right.


You're normal, you know. After everything you've been through, it's hard to let go of the fear and embrace the hope. It's human to try and protect ourselves from pain.

Hoping tomorrow's appointment and scan brings you some calm and the knowledge that Bumble is thriving and growing.

Keep us posted.



Good luck sweety. You already had your appointment at this point I think and I am thinking of you and hope all went well. HUGS.


Hoping things went well!


i know these feelings, and dreams, all too well. ultrasound days and doctor appt days are full of anxiety for me. so far each appointment has gone well which leaves me with feelings of joy... until the next one. we just need to keep taking it moment by moment. sending you much love and positive energy for you and bumble. xoxo

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