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October 25, 2007



I am soooooo happy for you!!.....i somehow came upon ur blog a few months ago and i pretty much read all your previous posts as well....oh im so happy for you!!...I also have experienced 2 miscarriages and am now pregnant...i am about 6 weeks pregnant...when i read your posts today I was thinking to myself that if everything is ok with you and your baby then that gives me hope for me and my baby!! Your post right now has just reassured me that everything is going to be fine for you and for me!!...i say STAY POSITIVE!! That's exaclty waht i'm trying to do...my dr said that my first ultra sound will actually be at about 16 to 18 weeks....I'm a big nervous till then but still trying to stay optimistic....and you know what...BUMBLE IS DEFINATELY GOING TO COME HOME WITH YOU GUYS!!...best of luck with everything and I got my fingers crossed for you and for me...looking forward to your next post! Love, Kam


Oh, that's so wonderful! I'm so glad to hear that it went well! GO BUMBLE, GO!


so amazing isn't it? so incredibly happy for you! xoxo


wonderful news! i'm overcome with joy for you.


i'm so happy to hear this, Nikole!


That's so great :) Yay for Bumble!



What wonderful news -- I'm so happy for you, John and sweet Bumble :-)


Yay for you all! Sweet Bumble is thriving! Disco Dancing in there...you'll feel him/her soon! You are so very blessed and deserving of this sweet darling. Now...breathe.


So happy for you -- I know that must be a huge relief--


I was thinking of you this afternoon...so glad that all went well. I truly do remember all of these emotions so well. It's like they come rushing back when I read your words. Thankfully, our Baby Bee came to us at long last, and I can barely wait to see photos of you holding your Bumble in your arms!


Though it's been many years since my own struggle with infertility (our beautiful (adopted) sons are now 10 and 13) I find myself relating so much to your journey and sending you all the positive energy and hope that I can send telepathically and electronically. You and your husband and Bumble are in my prayers...may God hold you together as a family with His protection until May. May will be a beautiful time to welcome a new baby.


Oh sweety. That is so good. Big exhale even on my side of the ocean. Very very very happy for you and John. HUGS.


Yay! Happy for you!!! That's great news!


YAY!!!!!! I am so freakin' happy for you... as I went to bed last night, I thought to myself, "Oh, I hope Nikole's ultrasound went well!" It's sort of obnoxious, but I am rooting for you and John and Bumble so hard right now... I love coming to your site every day and seeing a day tick off your countdown. Can't wait to see it go all the way down to Bumble's Birthday!! :) Congrats!


Oh, what wonderful news, Nikole. SO happy for you. :)


This is so wonderful. you have me in tears! i am so happy for you!



Mary Ellen

Wonderful news! I am so excited for you!


YAY BUMBLE! Keep up the good work! What wonderful news!


congratulations! how wonderful for you guys and for bumble. that was very nice of him/her to give you a little performance :-)



So glad things are going well. Wishing you the very best


Oh, how wonderful, Nikole -- how wonderful!


I really hope Bumble does get to come home with you! Congrats on the good visit!


Maybe he will. Here's hoping Nikole, I am still here rooting for you all.


YAAY BUMBLE!!!! Your journey gives me loads of hope. Hang in there, I'm hoping and praying for you sooooo much. xoxox

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