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October 01, 2007



So exciting!! I'm counting with you... gonna try to find you and your jewelry at one of these markets soon and then perhaps we can do lunch, too!!!


it can be so nerve-wracking. i haven't "felt pregnant" for weeks...we just heard the heartbeat last wedensday and i'm already convincing myself that it's all gone to hell. i keep hoping that i'll get a little less anxious as time goes on, but as time actually does go on i doubt that more and more! :)


Such great news! The baby, the husband, the show -- I am so incredibly happy for you! Symptoms do fade sooner sometimes -- hang in there, the news has been all good these past weeks. We will keep you in our hopes and thoughts.


I hope to see the ticker make it all way to at least 36 weeks!


Hi Nikole - I am feeling positive for you - I understand that it is impossible to trust it will be OK. I found it very brave of you under the circumstances to see the ticker!


Symptoms change...don't be worried. Do what's best for your baby: Positive, warm, loving thoughts. Good for you for adding the pregnancy ticker; it was a big step in acknowledging that you are hopeful this time. I am too, for you.


Whoo-hoo! We have heartbeat! That's awesome!


Symptoms come and go and it took a while for me to accept that not all was lost if the breast soreness subsided just a bit, or if I felt energetic for a day or two. It is mind wrecking, it really is, and the only way through it is to get through it. Time takes care of it (and brings new worries, of course, but we know that). It helped me to get a doppler this time around, because just like you I was (am) terrified that I wouldn't know if something had gone horribly wrong until I was on an ultrasound bed in the company of some technician. My nerves were breaking down before each ultrasound, and it was just too much. I worked up the courage to get a doppler and now I check every now and then for just a few seconds, and I love how soothing it is. I'm not suggesting you get one, it is not for everyone. Just my 2 cents on what helped me get through the roughest bits.


from someone who understands your worry, let me tell you that your symptoms will wax and wane a bit. There were several points when there seemed to be a fluctuation. One at around 10 weeks - me and my pregnant friends all freaked out and had a lessening of symptoms at the same time...only to have most of them come back very soon. Its all very normal and there are no rules in pregnancy! I asked my doc about the "sudden loss of symptoms" rule and said to him "is that just something someone made up to make pregnant women even more nutty than they already are? Because for cryin out loud, my symptoms change daily and its making me insane!" Basically his answer was yes. not so much that its made up, because it does have some merit, but its not really a reliable tracker for pregnancy. In many cases where something goes wrong, symptoms continue and there are a lot of pregnancies that have little or no symptoms that are perfectly normal. So try not to poke your boobs any more or second guess that you kept nausea at bay for a whole hour and half. Impossible I know. =)

unisom does work and let me tell you MY magic pill: vitamin b6. I was terrible nauseated and I took 50mg of b6 3 times a day and it really really helped. takes a couple days to really take hold and then it was my best friend. B vitamins are excellent for energy too, which is being sapped from you in mass quantities right now!!

I also know how maddening the nerves can be, especially before an ultrasound. All your insanity is totally normal, and justified to boot! Hang in there!!!

Try that B6!


as someone who knows this feeling all too well, know you are not alone. i woke up a couple mornings in my first trimester with all the breast tenderness gone and was sure the inevitable was happening. both times it happened the symptoms would eventually return a few days, sometimes a week, later.

i had to let myself accept that symptoms come and go and each pregnancy truly is different.

i have panic attacks before each ultrasound, as you know the worry never ends.

but we must stay positive, i love your ticker!

kisses on your belly! xoxo


7 weeks an 1 day gone, in a dilema of being a single mum. went for test on abortions. Not sure if i want to go through with it, am a believer of not harming a child. Do i leave my partner? he isnt ready for a child both in our 30's. does stabilty matter, no one is ever ready for a child right? I dont know what to do.
Wish i had a miracle solution. Any advice would be muchh appreciated

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