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September 13, 2007



I just recently found your blog, after googling :-)
I/we have gone through mutliple miscarriages (3) and I find myself relating to your blog, and wanted to say Thank you for your honesty, opensess, and being so humble.

Congratulations on your pregnancy!


Wow, how amazing. I just recently miscarried on my first pregnancy and it brings me such tremendous joy reading your symptoms and knowing there is a little life in you that is already loved so much. I'm saying lots and lots of prayers for you. sending one to st gerard too, the patron saint of motherhood. sorry, my catholicism comes out most in times of dispair. anyway, congratulations!


Those are very nice lines indeed! I did the same - kept peeing on those very same sticks for days and beyond, and after another week or so of constant darkening, all of a sudden the line started getting lighter instead. And of course I lost it and I panicked and I freaked. An ultrasound and more blood work were needed to reassure me, and guess what I learned from the nice doctors: there are limitations on those tests...when the HCG levels reach the higher numbers, the line starts getting lighter instead of darker (it's called the Hook Effect). Couldn't believe it, but thankfully that must have been what I experienced, 'cause here I am - now at 19 weeks. Still here, this one seems to be sticking around, as I keep knocking on wood in disbelief. And my tests weren't as dark as yours :-) Letting you know in case you use another test next week (I understand the need very much) and you don't see the color progression that you would normally expect. Anyway, congrats again and again. I will stay tuned, get lots of rest!


i was going to say what jv said, you've got to stop peeing or it will drive you bananas. They aren't good quantitative tests.

Hang inthere, you're pregnant!


yea nikole! i'm so happy for you.
i peed on sticks for weeks. thalia right in that it's likely not good for you, but it really made me feel better to see that line get darker and darker. once it was darker than the control line and appearing instantly, i stopped. :)


Okay, okay, I'll stop POAS. :-)

I'm anxious for my beta results - they'll be in tomorrow before 11 am. These weeks before the u/s are SO long...


Yes, yes, darker is good.

Those early weeks are indeed soooooo long. I really hope they go well for you!


oh i'm so, so excited! please please keep me posted. i have all my appendages crossed for you and john. xoxo.

Ms. Planner


And I love that you are relying on your intuition that this is a healthy pregnancy. I can't say it enough: so happy for you.


it def. looks darker.that rocks!


I'm very happy for you! Congratulations! Stop POAS, though! You will drive yourself batty! Thinking of you and sending you prayers...or whatever you believe in that helps!


Feed those cheese cravings, could be calcium or just comfort cravings - either way what Nikole wants, Nikole should get!!! More LOVE and HAPPY thoughts coming your way!

Cheryl Lage

So I am checking in to see when we might hook up for coffee/tea.....

It will be decaf! Oh Nikole---SOOOO many congrats...wishing you peace and ever-darkening lines...40+ weeks worth.

Love you guys---nap as necessary, consume cheese en masse, and revel in the veins. It's all good. Let's raise mugs soon...big cushy couches at the coffee shop...just in case you need to nod off!

So very, very thrilled for you-----and us!
Big love (of the non-polygamist variety...)---
Cheryl & Scott and Darren & Sarah


Stop the peeing! Well, at least peeing on sticks anyway. You will drive yourself mad.

I will continue to hope and pray for you and the bean!


Great lines! Wishing you the very best!


I'm so glad everything is going smoothly! The symptoms and the darkening pee tests are a great sign. I hope you can find a good way to pass the time until your next big milestone. XOXO


This are such good signs! I am so happy for you. The first few weeks are indeed slow...hang in there!


Dear Nikole, I'm so full of joy and hope for you!


First, congratulations! I am so very excited for you and John. Second, before I even was late with Whitney, I started having to take a nap when I got home from work. Ross thought something was wrong with me but it turns out that growing a baby is exhausting! This should go away around 16 weeks only to return when the baby is born! Love you!!!

Erin Foote

Wow, Nikole! Congratulations! I am very happy for you both...! :0)


Best lines ever!

I also poas quite often with my second pregnancy (after losing the first). I kept three, just in case things really did end up ok, for my baby's scrapbook and they are right there.


Hi, there, this is my first time reading your blog (my husband found it and sent it to me), and I'm currently at the place you were when you wrote this one a few weeks ago, so I'm very hopeful to get to 7 weeks and know that things are ok. I've had 1 miscarriage and 2 ectopic pregancies (both leading to surgeries), and am now about 4 1/2 weeks pregnant again. Getting through the first few weeks is NOT EASY, that's for sure. First ultra sound scheduled for 10-19, and if I can just see/hear a heartbeat, and know it's actually in the uterus (instead of in my one remaining fallopian tube), I'll be the happiest girl on Earth.

Good luck to you, and thanks for letting all of us into this scary but exciting part of your life!

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