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September 14, 2007



I remember how bad fatigue is in the first trimester bit rest assured, it does get better. My Dr. told me to take some B6 or B12 to help with the pure exhaustion.


Congratulations on your good news!!! It is nice to hear when things go right in If land. As for cleaning the house I try to do one thing a day: vacumming, mopping the floors, bathroom, dusting, etc. That way I'm not overwhelmed and think I have to clean the whole house. I do try to put things back where they belong. That helps too because when you go to clean you can actually just clean. Not organize and then clean. You can also get daily tips from the Flylady.com. You can get tips via email on what to clean. I did it for awhile and now I clean on my own. For your jewelry show--again congratulations. Whenever I have a big research paper due, I conquer it in parts. Research, brainstorming, laying out a rough draft, refining that draft and keep going until I get my paper done. Can you do that with your jewelry making process? Make some sketches, think about colors, designs, get your supplies and make a little bit at a time? Or have someone that you trust help you. I wish you lots of luck. I've come your way from a list of IF blogs. I really enjoy reading you and I wish you lots of love, luck and success!!!


I am glad you are still getting good news and I hope you continue to do so until you do indeed hold your baby in your arms.

I wish there was a was to fast forward, or at least to ease the wait.


First of all, your doubling times are FANTASTIC. That's SUCH good news.

As for the coping, I swear the first few weeks of pregnancy eek by SO. FREAKING. S.L.O.W.L.Y.

The only thing you can do it put one foot in front of the other - take one step at a time.

What especially helped me was talking myself out of the fear. I'd tell myself that there was NO indication that it wasn't a healthy pregnancy, and I was going to assume all was well unless someone told me differently.

And keep busy. Sometimes it's OK to forget that you're pregnant. Take advantage of the times where you feel most normal - my mornings are most productive, so I start and work early.

*HUG* There's nothing easy about early pregnancy, especially when you've had losses before. Taking it one day, one step, one hour, one MINUTE at a time if you have to is about all you can do.


Dear Nikole, your betas certainly look good!

Alas, I have no magic recipe for coping with the frightening and seemingly endless first few weeks, except maybe a program of mega-distraction. Gearing up for a big show may be just the thing.

I can't say it enough: I am so hoping for you. How I wish I could hit a fast-forward button and reassure you that everything was going to be all right...


It's one foot in front of the other, as serenity says. And not being a hero about scans etc. If you want an early scan, go and get one. Until then, it's a case of NBHHY.

Ms. Planner

I third Serenity and Thalia. When I have trouble focusing, I try hard to "stay in the present" and focus on what I'm doing right at that minute then move quickly on to what has to happen next. It helps me get back on track.


for awhile, i could only think of infertility. my shrink = ) suggested that i only allow myself to think about it for 30 mins in the a.m. and then when thoughts popped up about it during the day...to remind myself to think about the next a.m. during the allotted time. this is hard to do at first, but it is doable!


Try not to get too freaked out about not "feeling pregnant" all the time. You won't always feel pregnant, even later on in the pregnancy. After suffering a miscarriage with my first pregnancy, I was worried sick during the second pregnancy, and would freak out every time I didn't "feel pregnant." But it's totally normal to not feel pregnant all the time. The symptoms will wax and wane and change all the time - at least that was my experience. Good luck!


I don't know how to make it go faster.

I'm in the same boat as you! Except I don't get my Betas back til Monday.


Hugs, and know that you're not alone.


I don't know how to make it go faster.

I'm in the same boat as you! Except I don't get my Betas back til Monday.


Hugs, and know that you're not alone.

Corinne Bargen

I'm praying for peace for you!!


Incredible news! See -- things are good. As for the tired/hard-to-focus aspect, maybe try meditation. Sit in a chair for 30 minutes, relax with your eyes close, think happy thoughts and (my experience) you actually feel renewed. Sending baby blessings your way. As always, hang in there. And, enjoy it, this baby chose you!


No words of wisdom just wanted to say that I am rooting for the three of you.


Wonderful news! Holding your hope!


What GREAT news. I wish I were there to help make the time go faster. These first few weeks are horrible, but try to take it one day at a time. Maybe set some small goals for yourself when you first wake up, and only focus on getting those few things done. If you get them done before the end of the day, celebrate, and make some new ones! Wishing you so much luck and showering love and sticky, healthy baby dust on the two of you! Love and Kisses - M


Hang on to those betas. After several miscarriages, this pregnancy (now 15w6d) was the only one that started with great hcg levels. Just like yours. No words of wisdom for getting through these next few weeks, except try to stay busy and distracted! You WILL just be holding your breath; there's no way around that. I've been reading your blog ever since finding solace in it during my miscarriages, and I am praying for you!


So glad things are going well. Hang in there

Nicola Parkinson

Great great news, I am a long time silent lurker (got to love those right :)?!), rooting for you and John and your little bub. Who, incidently, is doing a super job of settling in and making mommy tired!

Get your iron checked too, next time you at the labs, the sheer exhaustion is more then likely your pregnancy, but I have found I get pretty anaemic early on, and low iron can drain the life out of you!

Good luck!

Love Nicks


I am so glad for you-- hoping for more good news in the weeks to come-- you sound like you are in a good place-- give yourself permission to feel overwhelmed-- and nervous-- but also ---take time to relax-- with yoga or prayer or napping-- and do something productive-- but I know how stressful the first few weeks and months were for me-- time seemed to stand still-- every day was like an eternity-- I kept waiting for something to happen--


Congratulations! Good luck with your show...


C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! !

Amazingly wonderful news! You are both such beautiful people from the inside out and you will be the best ever guides for a child in this world.

About getting through it? Before Dylan was born, we had a miscarriage at 12 weeks and I was devastated -- then it took a full year to be pregnant again. Once we were pregnant with Dylan, I didn't let myself be happy for fear of how it could end. It wasn't until after the 18 week ultrasound that I let myself be truly happy. Then, I wished I had let myself be happy the whole pregnancy. The truth is being happy or sad wouldn't have changed the degree of any pain I would feel if the pregnancy had ended in loss and, worse, I had missed an opportunity to be truly happy. Throughout these couple of years you have had incredible strength and hope -- stay with that in the coming weeks, it will continue to see you through.


You can't make yourself feel or not feel something - that is the very essence of human emotions. Fear is normal, considering what you have experienced. The time will pass slowly, but then, looking back from a safer place, you will probably be amazed at how quickly it went. I hated the fist 27 weeks, but especially the first 12. The last trimester all felt like "bonus time" in that each week was another step towards an optimally healthy baby.
Fingers crossed for you.


Hi Nicole! I haven't checked blogs in awhile and I was PLEASANTLY surprised to see your BFP AND your awesome betas & doubling times. All good signs. Thought I'd let you know that my sticky pregnancy was the only one I got a BFP at 9dpo ;-). And that was definitely at line at 9dpo!! I'll be checking in regularly. Praying for good things for you, girl!!! You deserve it!


I'm just there with the others, saying that a) your betas look good indeed and b) early pregnancy is painstakingly SLOWLY. Time doesn't move at all. I did feel pretty good during the first trimester most of the time too and was very very often wondering is all is well, I just didn't feel pregnant at times and lastly c) one foot in front of the other is the solution.

Thinking of you a lot, maybe I need to send you my hope necklace, it was my good luck charm throughout the first month, and boy did it bring me good luck. What do you say? In need for a fantastic necklace by a fantastic artist?


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