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August 02, 2007



I am delurking for the first time here :) I am happy that your business is going well and that you are able to find happiness in life currently. I never realized that you sold jewelry; you make beautiful pieces! I just bought a little something for myself from your site (the unearthed necklace).


Congratulations on how well your business is doing. I think it's healthy that you are feeling better about knowing who you are without having a baby as what would fully complete you. I think if you do have a child it's better that you know who you are (even if we are always still working on discovering more). Good luck on the future babymaking work as well as the continued good luck in your business.


I also want to congratulate on doing well with your business. That has to feel great, even with all the other frustrations you're facing.

I hope things change on the fertility front (as my gyno put it, "When you've already been pregnant we at least know the pipes are clear and functional..." Each cycle is a statistical crapshoot, and I hope you've just been unlucky so far. I'd hate to think people can "catch" infertility!


Dear Nikole, it's so good to hear from you, and to know that so many things are going well for you right now. I hope that keeps up.

As for the reproductive front, I can imagine how frustrating that is to suddenly have problems conceiving. I hope your husband's low sperm count is just a one-time thing, and that things happen for you very soon.

That chain-smoking lady? I think I would want to tear her limb from limb. And I can understand your other feelings so well, too. After all that waiting and all that pain, it's natural to feel a big knot in one's stomach at the thought that things come easily to others (even when we love those people dearly), and the thought that there are people who imperil their pregnancies selfishly because they just can't give up bad habits. There are days when those feelings just get overwhelming...


Sperm counts can be wonky like that - they wax and wane depending on nothing and everything, it seems.

I am so sorry that all of a sudden it seems that you have problems conceiving; but I like what Saras-P said. Each cycle is a stastistical crapshoot- and I hope HOPE that you're on the other side of those statistics soon.

Congratulations with your business. I'm thrilled that you took the leap and are feeling at least a little more fulfilled with how things are going.


Ms. Planner

So glad to hear from you. I've read your blog for ages - since last December I think after I discovered these blogs trying not to feel so alone after my first miscarriage.

Anyway, I have heard that sperm counts can change according to stress, diet, etc., so hopefully it is nothing permanent.

Like you, I get nervous when others announce they are trying. I try not to make it a competition, but each successive pregnancy announcement from my friends and family can surely bring a girl down.

What an amazing transformation your life has taken.


Everyone else is right. Sperm counts are like snap shots of his count and morph, etc. at that moment. You probably need three before you'll know. K's count has always been ok, but his morph was very low, less than 1%, the first time. He started taking 1000 mg(or whatever the denomination is) of vitamin c and mega men by GNC. His ocunt went up and his morph is normal, around 15%.

It makes me nervous when people say they are trying, too. Mainly b/c i know how easy it will be for them and how much its going to hurt when it happens. And how i'll feel like an a$$ to not be estatic when it does. *sigh*

Speaking of *sigh* just my own opinion....we have taken things slowly too, we didn't even do the first IUI until 18 months of chemicals or nothing...and I wish we'd moved faster. This trying to get pregnant and not getting pregnant takes a toll on us, our marriage, etc. And i just wish i'd had tried to end it sooner. But of course you should do what you two feel you should.

Glad you posted.

beth troncoso

I just found your blog and started reading and trying to catch up with where you are on your ttc journey. I think we've got a lot in common. I'm 30 and have had five first trimester losses. After the fourth miscarriage they started the genetic testing and found out I have a balance translocation. have you had the karyotyping done? It's so hard to catch up on blogs when you come in half way down the road. Anyway, i'm going to keep reading and checking in. take care, beth


am ttc... but am wondering about Doxycycline. I am trying to find out whether you can keep TTC when one of you has taken it. My partner has been given a short course of doxycycline for an infection.

I saw that you were given it. Its such a minefield! trying to work out what helps what doesn't... etc!

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