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June 28, 2007



Dear Nikole, you mention anticardiolipin antibodies -- but have you had a complete clotting/immunological panel done? For what it's worth, here's what was tested in mine:
APC resistance
Protein S activity
Protein C activity
Antithrombin III
Lupus anticoagulant screen
Cardiolipin antibody IgG
Cardiolipin antibody IgM
ANA (Hep-2, IFT)
ENA screening test
Clotting factor II
Clotting factor VII
Clotting factor VIII
Clotting factor XII
D-Dimer (Vidas)
TAT complex
Prothrombin fragment F 1+2
Plasminogen activity
PAI 1 mutation 675 4G/5G
Prothrombin mutation G20210A
Factor V-G1691A mutation
MTHFR mutation C677T
C-reactive protein
von Willebrand factor antigen

Those were all done after my second miscarriage, so they were geared to that -- although some problems may interfere with implantation.) When I failed to get pregnant for months and months after my third miscarriage and septum surgery, they did my FSH, LH and E2, combined with androstendion, prolactin, my androgen status (testosterone, SHBG, free androgen index) and DHEA-S.

How strongly does your doctor feel about not doing another uterus imagining procedure? Might he consider a hysteroscopy instead? He's right, it is unlikely that scarring happened, but if no other problem is turned up, it wouldn't hurt to check it out.

I'm so sorry, my dear.

Mary Ellen

I am so sorry. Have you had a chromosome analysis done on you and your hubby?

A lurker

FSH, TSH early in my first fertility treatment cycles. Progesterone testing, also. I had a luteal phase defect...I was ovulating, but the egg was ovulating prior to being fully mature. My progesterone levels were, therefore, very low. Like you, I also had a chromosomal analysis done after one pregnancy ended because of anencephaly. Nothing, thank heavens, was genetically wrong, and now I'm taking oodles of folic acid as a precaution. Of course, none of that helps to fill the void of losing my daughter, Arella. Still, it was nice to know that the issue was related to something other than genetics.


Wow, I have no suggestion not covered already! Good luck!


Hi Nikole,

reading about your PH issue brought something to mind and it may be of zero use to you. there are products on the market that allow you to test the PH of your vagina for the purposes of discovering bacterial infections. After my D&C I had a couple, I think because the procedure screwed up the balance of the organisms up there because they probably clean the area like it was never meant to be cleaned. Anyway, desperate because my Doc's office kept insisting that I had a damn yeast infection (as though I can't tell the difference at 30 years of age and a dozen yeast infections in my life!), I did some research and found these things. The brand I have is different but I googled this product just now: pHEM-ALERT. For all intents are purposes you could use just a regular PH strip, but their floppy "handle" would make it hard to press it up against the wall of the vagina, ya know? the ones specifically for vaginal diagnoses have a firm plastic handle. But anyway, such a thing might help you monitor your PH rather than just hoping your baking soda concoction works. Just a thought.

I think the baking soda may be worth a shot. You will run the risk of a yeast infection if it throws you off too much but I don't know if a limited use of such a thing would pose any serious risk.


good luck!


oh also, have you heard of pre-seed? is this old news to you?


supposed to be PH balanced and sperm friendly whereas most lubricants are not. Also would help your CM issue due to clomid.



During one of my IUI cycles, the RE prescribed some meds that made my body alter its pH in a bad way. The RE suggested repHresh. It's a pH balancing cream that you can buy at a local drugstore. Good luck!


so sorry to hear of another negative. they never get easier.
no advice over here. . . sounds like you have received some excellent ideas so far though. i've printed off kath's list for my own doc!


Been thinking about you. I hope that no news is good news.
Sending prayers your way for your wish to be granted.


Dear Nikole-

I just found your blog. Wow can I relate to the emotional rollercoaster of cycle after cycle of changing treatment plans, hope and let down. I have basically been trying since last November, although a year before that I had tried 3 cycles of Clomid (I did not ovulate). I am doing treatment with gonadotropin injections (which I need to ovulate). I have completed 3 cycles with IUI, and had a 4th cancelled (I didn't respond to the injections after a month of being on birth control which wreaked havoc on my system). I am on an off month now (I get cysts with injections requiring breaks every other month), waiting to start again. I was taking estrace and prometrium and just discontinued prometrium today after 4 horrible days of dizziness, drowsiness etc. I couldn't function! Now I am hoping I have a period so I can start again!

Anyway, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you sharing your story. I, too, feel that this has been a journey for me. I journal a lot about what this has taught me. I have always been someone who likes control and have achieved most things I have sought to achieve. This has been a lesson in patience and surrender.

I am trying to stay hopeful but sometimes it is very hard to let your guard down for fear of getting hurt again.

Good luck to you in keeping your head held high and continuing along your path of spiritual reflection and growth.

Liz V. Columbus, OH


If the Ph of your fluids is an issue, have you ever done inseminations with your husband's sperm where they put a very thin catheter into your cervix and inject the sperm directly into your uteris so the sperm don't have to swim so far and fight the vaginal fluids?


Thanks, everyone. I truly appreciate your concern and suggestions.

We have tried pre-seed, and it didn't work very well for us.

I'm going to look into the rePHresh - thanks, Rainmaker!

I think the most frustrating thing right now is that things keep changing every cycle, so I'm not sure which is the best way to turn.

Sarah Summer

Great article and great questions.

michael jones

I completely understand you! Thank you for the links! I hope that the yeast infection cure will help!!!

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