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June 12, 2007


Mary Ellen

I am so sorry. Anniversaries are hard. Thinking of you.


The flowers are a beautiful way to honor the memory of Lucas, the son whom you love so much but were never able to meet. I'm sorry that you are feeling sad.

I hope that you soon will have a healthy pregnancy to celebrate.


i'm so sorry. this must be such a hard time for you. sending you many hugs. the flowers are beautiful, and i'm glad that you were able to find Lucas's gifts to you. take it easy today. i'm thinking of you.

Somewhat Ordinary

Thinking of you on this anniversary. I love your positive outlook on the gifts your son gave you!


I am coming up on my anniversary as well. Irony seems to be the buzzword of the day. Thinking of you today and sending you warm thoughts. The flowers are really beautiful... xoxo


You're in my thoughts and prayers. Love you. Rebecca


I am so sorry. These big days of remembering are hard. I am about to hit my one year mark of when I found out I was pregnant. I wonder if it will ever get easier.

By the way, people stop me all the time to look at my necklace. Sending them your way. :)


Thinking of you, Nikole...


Wow, it has been a year. It is so hard to face an anniversary while facing the possibility of injectibles. I am facing some similar denial myself. I hope you stay strong and get to experience a healthy and full pregnancy soon.

Ms. Planner

This days - and the days leading up to it - must have been really hard for you. What a simple and beautiful way to honor your son. Wishing you peace and a healthy pregnancy. Sending thoughts of comfort your way.


Thinking of you.


((HUGS)) Your are in my thoughts and prayers!!


I am so sorry for your loss but hopeful for your future! Loved the flowers.


Tomorrow is my due date for my first pregnancy, the baby we conceived on our honeymoon. I don't know how I'm going to survive tomorrow, but I appreciate knowing there is someone out there who can identify.

Thank you.

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