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June 18, 2007



I would not be surprised if Clomid is the culprit. I know it certainly changed my CM production. And, since you were able to get pregnant quickly before, I am sure this PH situation is new.

How annoying! At least the doc did the right test to pinpoint the problem.

As icky as it sounds, I hope the home brew works!


Interesting. I've read that Clomid DOES affect CM production and chemistry, so your RE might be onto something.

Interesting that you can change it naturally with a 'home brew' - I hope it works! But if not, it's at least good to have some idea of what's going on, no?

Fingers crossed for you, Nikole.


I'm sorry but I do not have any info about Clomid effects to one's body chemistry. However, I wish you all the luck with next cycle and the home brew sounds interesting enough.


from my experience, clomid seemed to affect my fertility-- ie it worked the first time and didn't work the next two times.. and my ovulations seemed off-- so maybe you are onto something. I wish you all the best and hope this cycle works for you


Wow to your results. UGH as well! I hope your little homemade helper works. Ugh!



Dear Nikole, I'm so sorry to hear that. Although I haven't heard of this particular effect myself, it makes sense to me that Clomid might alter your pH balance. I hope your home cure works wonders.

I don't know much about post-coital tests, but don't the acidic walls of the vagina kill off 99% of the sperm anyway? I'm surprised they ever find live ones at all, hours later. Isn't that why people need so many?


Hi Nikole! As someone who has done TEN rounds of Clomid, I can tell you that Clomid can change your pH levels in that area and start killing off the swimmers (it can also decrease EWCF, which can cause a decrease in living swimmers). I know my RE checked for that several times, though we found that Clomid did not have that effect on me. Anyway, what I'm saying is that it wouldn't shock me to hear that Clomid is the problem, and the best way around that is IUI (although I never heard of or tried that home remedy so I'll be anxious to see how that turns out!!). Good luck!!!!


I hate to go against your doc, but 2 things worry me about this. first is that postcoital tests have been shown to be useless, time and time again, now that we have better tests. A couple of REs I've seen say that it's like looking at a photo of a station with a train pulling out, and relying on that photo to tell you how many people got on the train. The two are JUST NOT CORRELATED (sorry to shout).

Second that a douche is a REALLY bad idea - it opens you up to infection, messes around utterly with your internal flora, it's just not a good thing.

I'd be looking for a second opinion, myself, but if he's been good for you before, i guess giving it a try for a month is prob not a disaster. Just don't keep on doing it much longer than that.


I hope you get some answers!! ((hugs))


Thalia -

Thanks for your perspective. I had the concerns about using the douche. I'll talk to the RE about it next time I see him.

He did say that the test is pretty unreliable - and that his partner doesn't even take the results seriously. He does want us to have it done twice more next cycle. At least I'll get to see what is going on with my follicle production.

I'm wondering if the fact that the test was done 20 hours after intercourse had anything to do with the results?

A lurker

Clomid ABSOLUTELY creates a hostile environment. My RE always made me do IUI with Clomid, because my mucus become so volatile. I never become pregnant on Clomid, and after three cycles of IUI/Clomid my RE told me to move to injectibles. Not only were my hormones less psychotic on injectibles, but my cervical mucus remained unaffected...and, most importantly, I saw two pink lines. I don't know how you feel about your RE, but I know that using Clomid for more than 12 months is bad, bad, bad for your body. I'd have a chat with the RE about the Clomid. And, trust me, injectibles aren't that bad as long as your RE is CLOSELY monitoring your follies.

Ms. Planner

I was on Clomid for the Clomid Challenge Test and now I am absolutely paranoid that my cervical fluid Ph level is jacked because of it. Is there a kit where you can measure your Ph level? I am not a fan of drugs anyway, but now you've convinced me.

How frustrating for you Nikole. It must be hard not to feel like a freakin' science experiment for your RE every month. "Hey doc! When you're done with the science fair that is my body, I'll get a baby, right?"

Harriet Bates

I was treated with clomid in ( age 35) 1997 twins (no family hx) one of which born with trisomy 21 - undiagnosed unitll she weas given to me at birth..when I knew.


I've heard nothing about Clomid and cm (except that it dries it up). But I also hadn't heard of this delightful vagina cocktail before. I'm actually not being sarcastic--it sounds really interesting and low-tech if it works.


Hi Nikole,
I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that clomid can change the PH balance of your entire system. (So can stress, so I've been told.) You're also very in tune with your body, so I'd listen to your intuition.

But, I too am worried about the douching. I'd try an internal approach to changing the PH, I've heard of drinking a baking soda and water concoction and also that the Alka Seltzer Gold formula can also work because it tries to increase how alkaline you are.

[Sorry for all the assvice!]

I want to wish you and John luck and hope you get some good news soon.



Here's hoping that your home brew does the trick! I've got my fingers crossed for you!


Hi Nikole - The one month we got pregnant, we used an egg white as lubricant because we had heard the ph was just right. Some people have had good luck with PreSeed (http://preseed.com/index.html). That said, it sounds like this test is not all that reliable. Have you looked into Dr. Alan Beer's reproductive immunology theories ("Is Your Body Baby Friendly)? Amazingly logical explanation for recurrent miscarriage (and overzealous sperm liquidation)....overactive immune systems reject the sperm or baby as "foreign". I'm working with an RE who believes this factor is important. Will keep you posted! Lots of luck to you two, I'm always thinking of you.

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