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April 10, 2007



Hi Nikole, from what I know that number is not stellar but most definitely not bad either. I also heard from my doctor that progesterone levels vary throughout the day, and the levels in the blood read lower than the actual levels in utero, when you're using local suppositories. That said, personally I would think that upping your own dosage would be safe enough, 'cause I have not heard of progesterone overdose :-) It might buy you some peace of mind. But isn't there a doctor covering for your RE? Maybe with a bit of pressing the nurse might be willing to direct your question to whoever is covering. Obviously I am not a medical professional, so this is just what I would do for myself... Just 2 cents from a mostly-lurker who is really rooting for you over here.


I have never used prometrium, but I hope you get some answers.


I have no help or wisdom. I have been on prometrium since my IUI but have no clue what my levels where when they did my beta today.

Fingers crossed that all works out. Someone deserves something GOOD!


((hugs)) I've never taken it, so I don't know.

When I get see the man upstairs, you can bet I'm going to ask why he does this to couples who want babies so bad.. It's so unfair!


Oh I don't have any good advice for you, at least not regarding the numbers and what they might mean. What would happen if you just "in case" up your Prometrium and it turns out your levels are not rising? Nothing major - physically at least, right?

Lot's of love and fingers crossed that things look good next week when your RE is back.


I would up the dosage, just for my own piece of mind. The actual amount of progesterone may not show up in blood work when you take suppositories, but according to my doc, you can never take too much, your body only absorbs what it needs.

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