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April 29, 2007


Mary Ellen

This is absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much for posting it.


wow. what a beautifully-written, poignant piece. i'm so glad you shared it online so everyone who comes here has a chance to read it.

Ms. Planner

Thank you for posting your article. I have been reading your blog for awhile now (am finally delurking). Your poignant words helped me tremendously as I have just had my 2nd consecutive m/c. Also, your reading list is a great resource. Coming to Term by Jon Cohen has helped me gain some perspective on the whole deal. Thanks again.

Somewhat Ordinary

Thank you for posting the article. It was wonderful and I hope that you've found some peace came from sharing it with the world.


That is a beautiful article. A lovely woman I work with (due in about 4 weeks) has had a number of miscarriages - one particularly late for a beautiful daughter called Charlotte, your writing reminds me of her joy and sorrow in her first daughter and some of her fears and sorrows for the baby she is carrying now. Thank you for sharing your experiences.


A very beautiful piece




Thanks for posting that.

Lady In Waiting

That was beautiful - both your experience and your article.


This article is truly amazing. You are truly amazing!


thanks for posting your article. it's beautifully written and very powerful.


thank you so much this was so wonderful and beautiful piece which i found extremely comforting right after mc #5 which was ectopic and came complete with tube removal.


Beautiful Article, thankyou so much for a beautiful piece of writing.


Beautiful, wonderful article. Thank you so much for sharing!


this is such a beautiful article. Thanks for sharing it with us!


That was great. Thank you for writing it and posting it.


Hi, I'm a fellow etsyian and a member of the JET team ... thank you for sharing this beautiful article with everyone ... I hope you have found some peace and closure since then ... god bless...

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