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March 07, 2007





that didn't work. sorry. i was trying to use characters that the computer didn't like. it went something like this: ~~~HUG~~~

Momma Bee

You are one amazing woman, and I'm sorry I haven't been around more to tell you that. Always checking in on you, though, and always sending good vibes. Also holding out all sorts of hope for you...


You're beautiful, and you rock.


This post is truly inspiring.


What a fabulous post!


The left behind phenomenon is becoming a fear of mine. At first, my online buddies and I were all working towards the same goal, but, now, already, many if not most have moved on and are decorating nurseries and a couple even packing that suitcase for delivery day. I take comfort in finding new bloggers who are still trying. I love to hear about the successes, but so often I need to read that others are struggling, too.

I am glad that your struggle is no longer consuming you (it is so easy to let that happen). The job change has got to be a huge help, as will embracing your creativity, I am sure. Best of luck with everything you are working on!


Isn't it nice to be in a good place? I have gotten there myself after a very long time. The yuck feelings still come and go at times.

I am also with you on the boards. I am the only one left on both of my boards not pregnant. On one of them they are all having their seconds now. That is hard!

HUGS to you!!!


Dear Nikole, I'm so sorry I'm only catching up now. What a beautiful post that was, and what a beautiful spirit it was written in. I am so glad your inner journey is taking you to such lovely and inspiring places.

And I am hoping so hard for you that everything falls into place for you very soon.


Oh my god. I know exactly what you mean about opening yourself wider and wider each day for this thing that will fulfill you and your heart. I'm feeling time slip away big time. I keep counting..how many birthdays have I had since TTC? 2. How long have we been trying since the last miscarriages? a year. It's just so brutal how our lives are punctuated by how long this is taking. We just want our babies.

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