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March 13, 2007



I'm convinced one of the main differences between our future baby and this current puppy is that we would never have a conversation about the baby that begins, "So, what do you think about taking her back to the hospital?"

I have a list of other differences, but that seems to be significant. For the record, Nikole is a superheroine puppy caretaker; I am, at best, an impatient bore.


It's a *major* adjustment having a puppy in the house. And it's a good thing they're so cute. Otherwise, you might just be tempted to let the puppy play in the street or turn the puppy into a hat. ;)

Are you guys crate training? That will speed along house training and behavior training, too. (It also gives her a place she knows is hers and hers alone, a comfort to them when they're in this transition of moving into a new house.) Acting like a COMPLETE and total idiot anytime she goes to the bathroom outside--yes, acting like she's just won the lottery and you're the most excited person on the face of the earth and embarrassing yourself in front of the whole neighborhood--with lots and lots of praise and love will also help her learn.

We have a black lab, who when she was a puppy chewed everything in the house, including this mommy's ankles and the bulk of an entire bathroom wall. "No bite" became my full vocabulary for a few weeks. Buy a Kong, buy some Nylabones, buy rawhides, buy her a few fluffy toys that she might well shred in only a few moments. Keep her busy with chewing with those sharp little puppy teeth. Any $10 spent on a toy will save her deciding that the much more expensive furniture (much harder to replace) is where her energies need to go.

And yes, you can do this. The first few weeks are the hardest. But having a dog, for us, has meant building a real family. And there's nothing like that canine love in all the world.


She is the CUTEST puppy ever!

I said to my husband when we adopted our dog a few years ago it was great practice for having kids because

1) you can never sleep in; 2) it's a total pain to go on vacation and the idea of leaving him/her with a sitter is totally unappealing; and 3) ALL you talk about is pee and poop!

I hope it's already gotten easier for all of you



Oh I remember those days. I remember getting up in the night with my little furbaby. I remember laying on the floor in the kitchen begging her to eat. I remember putting her in the car just so I could go to the store and then finding her poop smelling up my car the next morning because it had moved underneath the seat.

It all gets better. I LOVE MY DOG! It was a long road but now she is as perfect as a dog can get. Your little furbaby will begin to learn and be just like you and your dh.


I posted my own two-cents worth of advice over at John's blog. Good luck! Getting a puppy is THE best way to prepare for a baby, believe me. And fortunately, you can put a diaper on a baby.


I remember sitting half way up the stairs crying, yes crying! , because I didn't want to go down and face the puppy again. I didn't know what to do with her. Running, scratching, biting, digging, biting, jumping, biting. She's now ten years old and one of the best decisions I've ever made. By a long way.
It's quite crazy but puppies are only puppies for a little while. FWIW my next two dogs were no way near as difficult to handle as puppies, just as full of life but I was so much more relaxed. I'm sure that's a lesson too.

Heather L

AWWW... your puppy is so cute. Once you puppy is trained it wouldn't be as bad. Our dog is 8 and very well trained and is my best buddy around our house. They are so sweet when they are puppies though. Good luck.


I second the comment on crate training. I adopted a three year old Maltese that had never been potty trained. (The sweet neighbor lady that gave her to me said she was "perfect" and the only reason she need to place her was because she didn't have time for her and a child. Uh - right.) But after crating her for only two weeks, the little girl became potty trained. At three years old. So it works! I swear by it!


Nikole - just catching up on your most recent posts now. Rilo is darn cute!!!

I am a cat person, so I have absolutely no advice for you about training, etc - sorry. I can only imagine that, like all things, will get easier with time.

Glad to see you again.



I just stumbled onto your blog the other day... WAIT A SECOND!!! ARE YOU A NIKOLE WITH A "K" AS WELL!?! Anyhow, unfortunately, I am very tired today and am only will to leave a short message for right now, (my husband and I are in the middle of a move.) but I will let you know that we have four, YES FOUR dogs, of which I have trained 3. Oh dear sweet friend, YES it is exhausting! And last longer that a few days, but I am here to tell you that the rewards are well worth it. I always seem to forget the 4 am peeing sessions and the other joys of puppy training when I see another little bundle of fur and love. They bring a heck of a lot of joy in our lives.

If you ever need another friend to cry, complain, ask questions or even share a joyous moment like "She finally made peepee's outside!!!" I'm here to add to your list. :) I love ALL the babies, and yours looks like a really sweet one. Either way, I'm at me@me-nikk.com.

Maybe I should add that the conversations WILL indeed change with your sweet man. It goes from “How was your day honey?” to “Brian pooped FOUR TIMES today!” “Or Prada can now jump onto the dry bar counter. She got up there and ate all the cat food.”

I look forward to reading more of your blog as well. :)


we too just added a puppy to our mix. it's SUCH hard work and so frustrating at times - we're definitely thinking that it's good baby practice too. Our pup is 5 months old now, and in a silly rebellion phase. Ah, the teen months!


Good Luck training the puppy, It's a hard thing to do. :) I'm sure you will be grat parents!

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