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February 12, 2007



That book must have been a difficult read... I am sorry about Lucas, but he is with you.

Take care


This is a beautiful post. I like how you speak back to those who would deny people with Down's their humanity with the strength of your conviction, your spirit, and your knowledge, deep, of Lucas.


I maintain a blog for parents of children with Down syndrome called Pinwheels. You are welcome there, and if you like, I'll add you to my blogroll.



I love the fact that you categorized this entry under "healing". I am so glad to read that that is what you are doing.

When I read you last post, the one about what had been going on the past months, I really feel that you and me have been traveling on similar roads. While we have to work through different issues and emotions, in the end we are united by the fact that we are "working" actively with our lives and that we are determined to become better.

Lot's of love from N to N.


What a beautiful post and thank you for the lines from the EE Cummings poem.


I enjoyed reading sections of your blog--I stumbled upon you from another blog. I am glad I got to read your "healing" post from the 12th--really special post.
Hope to see you over at our new blog.
Happy Valentines Day!


What a beautiful and thought provoking post - you have always been such a wonderful writer - and you know I love that poem. Much love and thoughts, Adrienne


Hi Nikole,

What a lovely post, I'm always happy to hear from you.

And I loved 'Expecting Adam' so, so much when I read it a couple of years ago.

I just loved reading about her experiences with the miracles and other inexplicable things that happened during her pregnancy.

Undergoing ART (at least for me) makes conception seem so medical and far- removed, even cold sometimes. I try to think of her experiences when I get depressed about all of the interventions and medical treatments, etc. that I seemingly need to get pregnant.

Can I also say I love the new photo?



I am so glad your back, but was so sorry to hear of your step-brother. A friend of mine has read finding your own north star and loved it. I hope yur healing is a peaceful one.

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