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February 26, 2007


Heather L

Good luck! I wish the best for you. I will pray for you. :)


That sounds like a good plan, just keep tuning in and listening to your body and I think you'll KNOW what comes next.

(I had some of the same issues on clomid, and Zee recommended I try L-Arginine, which did wonders for my CM. Just a little assvice for you.)

I wish you all the best Nikole, and want to hear more about what you're up to -- call or e-mail me any time :-)


I'm guessing that you know that clomid is an estrogen inhibitor, which is why it can dry up CM. Happens to a lot of people. Sounds to me like you're on the right track going without it.


glad to read an update. i personally think clomid is evil. and if it isn't helping why do it?


I am glad you are back. Isn't it nice to be in a good place? It is like a breath of fresh air.


Clomid really stole my CM this cycle, and I am certain it is because my RE upped the dosage. I also got acne and moodiness. All that without a baby just doesn't seem worth it!

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