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November 05, 2006



That had to be an emotional moment. Lucas's light will linger for quite some time, I would guess.

Momma Bee

I have tears in my eyes just reading about this experience. *hugs*


Hi, just found you and have read your last post. I found it amazing she got it so right and all those things she said about Lucas, it must have been a real comfort to hear. I've often wondered about seeing a clairvoyant of some sort to see if she could tell me anything, or just something comforting like yours did. Anyways, crossing my fingers for your next cycle. Feel free to drop buy some time.

Kind regards



Oh, crying now.

I'm so happy to have you back and to hear that things are turning around for you. Congrats on quitting your job! Can't wait to hear all the new things afoot for you. (hehe! pun!) Welcome back to blogland.


Dear Nikole, it's so good to hear from you! Congratulations on your big decision -- I hope it will make you very happy and will open up new avenues for you. Sometimes, in all the stress, we lose sight of who we are -- and I'm so glad you're bringing yourself back into focus. I hope, too, that your next cycle brings you everything you hope for.

That story about the clairvoyant was touching. I think sometimes our bodies do scream out, only so few people can understand what they're saying.


Nikole - first, I am happy to see that you're back. I have thought of you often and have been wondering how you've been. Congratulations on taking the next step with your career.

And this post was truly touching - an amazing tribute to the little boy you carried. I do think his spirit will stay with you for a while.



Hi Nikole,

Welcome back, we missed you!! It sounds like you've been very productive in the last couple of months.

I applaud your decision to leave your job and pursue some other avenues that will be more fulfilling for you.

You sound strong and hopeful, and what better way to approach a new cycle when you're ready!

And I looooved the story about the intuitive, how touching and what a lovely way to reconnect with Lucas...

Much love and I look forward to reading more soon.


I'm glad the experience with the intuitive was so very rewarding... at least in my eyes it was. I hope you felt the same. It's always good to have validation of what you thought... and now you know Lucas wanted you and chose you guys. Know I'm thinking of you guys...


Yay, you're back! We've all missed you. I'm so glad you are feeling up to blogging again. It sounds like you are in a terrific place. it's amazing that you've decided to leave your job and pursue new things. You sound strong and hopeful and we are right there with ya. I love the story about the intuitive - it sounds so touching. I'm glad you are able to connect with Lucas. That must give you such joy in your heart.
Good luck with the next cycle and keep us posted. I wish you only good things!

Heather L

Welcome back. I missed you. :) Good luck on your next cycle. Hugs


Hey Nikole, so good to see you back, and sounding so positive. I know the feeling with the work - sounds like a really healthy change to make. Wishing you all the best and lots of luck with this cycle.

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