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November 04, 2006


Momma Bee

It's so good to hear from you, and I love the strength that came through in your words today. I'm glad that you are making some choices for the good of your well-being and I look forward to reading more about your new pursuits. Here's to 2007 bringing you everything -- EVERYthing -- you have been working toward.



I am so glad you have posted. I check on you all the time. HUGS!


glad to have you back. (although i completely understand your need to be absent)


Nikole - Thanks for checking in and letting us know how you are. Congrats on your decision to leave your job. What a huge thing! Good on you. :)


Welcome back. Congrats on leaving your job. I am sure these next two months will be a blur to you.


So glad to have you back!

Congratulations on making such an important decision!



It is great to have you post again. I check you blog often for an update! and I am super glad that you are making these choices for yourself. I hope your time away from work leads you to where you want to go.


Welcome back! Sounds like you are getting things to where you want them to be.

Thinking of you.

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