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August 11, 2006



That is a very interesting article, thanks for sharing.

Take care

Lisa P.

*sigh* Yet another reason for my husband to be upset (he turned 40 this year)... I don't think I'll show him this article. But thanks for sharing it.


I saw that, too. It does stink, and I know this might sound crass, but it takes some of the onus off of us ladies....
Plus, it's an excellent comeback when someone tells me I'm so young and I have so much time to worry about having babies (DH is 35)


I saw a similar article in the American Journal of Epidemiology a few months ago. A bit depressing for me (I am only 31, but my husband is 42), but at least scientists are moving away from the long-time mother-bashing trend.


The infertility gods can suck it. My husband turns 40 this week. I'm gonna pretend I didn't read this and think of Tony Randall and Charlie Chaplin instead.

Womb in waiting

Nikole thanx, though it msy sound strange, i was a bit comforted to read it....i guess the huge focus on womens eggs has, over time taken its toll & the guilt does impact...people don't say it but i think there is such focus on women ....i've emailed the link to my husband, thanx x

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