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August 24, 2006



I'm so sorry to hear things are so tough. Any chance of a let-up at work? Thanks for letting us know how you are.


I'm sorry you are going through such a rough time right now. Perhaps some time off from work would help?
Thanks for checking in.


Poor thing. I hate that anxiety feeling...that you can't seem to shake. Its a process...you will. And of course, it will get easier...and I hope soon.

This sounds silly i know...but is there any way you could quit your job? You don't like it...right? Its causing you additional stress...which is the last thing you need. (oh, you're not a millionaire...)

As Heather said....time off from work?

I've had quite a bit of luck on stressful days listening to the meditations you suggested -3X a day. (yeah, i've had some stress, too).

Stress, by the way, has way-delayed my O. (this month by 5 days!)

Well, hopefully you are able to take some more time for yourself. I hate to know that you are not comfortable with where you are at the moment.

Here's to finding your peace.



I'm so sorry to hear that you have been suffering with anxiety and insomnia. I can imagine how exhausting that must be, and I hope you feel better soon. You're in my prayers.

P.S.--I know you have allergies and asthma, and you probably have already thought of this, but I wanted to point out that certain medications can cause or exacerbate sleeplessness and feelings of anxiety. (A few years ago I went through a period of insomnia, and it took me a while to figure out that it was caused by the decongestant in the Claritin-D that I recently had started taking due to ragweed season.) Just a thought....


Anxiety takes hold and seems like it won't let go. I know exactly how that is and hate for you that you're having such rough weeks. I am so sorry about the EDD and all the compounded sorrow that you're experiencing. Seems like everyone is demanding something of you with no time to really know what you need for yourself.
Can you make a date with yourself--really block off some time--to allow yourself some time to think and grieve?
Thanks for bringing your voice back into the air. We've missed your words and your spirit.


We've missed you.

I'm sorry to hear that you're having a rough time right now. It's completely natural to feel anxiety – you’ve been through so much. Remember; just take it one day at a time.


So glad you checked in....

To feel anxious and overwhelmed after all that you've experienced is totally understandable, not that that makes it any easier to deal with but you have good reason. When I suffered panic attacks and anxiety I used Rescue Remedy (Bach Flower Remedies) and just put drops under my tongue, any chance you can get hold of some? I'm sure you could get some online- but they are totally safe and really do work.


I'm sorry that you are having anxiety. It is something that I have struggled with for 10 years or so. I'm struggling with it now. I woke up last night with a panic attack. Knowing all of those horrible symptoms and how scary they are... I really feel for you.

Therapy helped me. The book 'The Power of Now' was also very powerful. The best book however that I've read on anxiety that really helped me was this book by Lucinda Bassett http://www.stresscenter.com/storev6/productdetailsv3.php?catid=C0002&id=P0007

I hope you feel better. A glass of wine helps sometimes to just relieve some of the built up tension. The other thing that I find really helped was Bikram Yoga (or any kind of exercise where you can really get your heart rate up to release the energy).

If you need to talk about your anxiety you can always email me. I've had every symptom in the book. I really hope you find something that works for you to relieve your anxiety. Hang in there. It won't be this intense forever.


I also just wanted to say that I think you are really strong for surviving 4 miscarriages and for having the strength and courage to keep trying. I have only had one miscarriage and it truly devastated me and I'm am still reeling from it. I'm pregnant now but I'm having severe anxiety thinking I'm going to lose it again. For you to go through this 4 times.... you really are truly amazing. You should give yourself credit for having that kind of internal strength. I would also say that I don't really think I grieved enough before getting pregnant which seems to be making this pregnancy more stressful than it should be. If you haven't already seen a therapist I would strongly recommend it. It really helps to have someone to talk to who is a trained professional. My husband and I are going to go see someone together because we are both having anxiety and struggling at bit.

Thinking of you.


I'm so sorry you're feeling so low. I fight my own battles with anxiety and panic attacks, so I can understand how frustrating and scary they are. I've learned to recognize the symptoms and try to "talk myself down" but it doesn't always work. They didn't really start manifesting themselves until after my second miscarriage, but they certainly made themselves known. Pounding heart, tingling extremities, nearly fainting, etc. It completely sucks.

Make some time for you. To process. To grieve. To just be still. It's so hard when jobs, family and friends all demand your time, but be good to yourself and your body. All the good wishes in the world for your next cycle!

Womb in waiting

Nikole hi, Im so sorry to hear you've been feeling so anxious & not sleeping etc. I've been there & know how awful it is...it is so awful to be not sleeping & so strung out with anxiety....for my last two cycles I've ovulated 5 days late too....the staff at the clinic think its just due to the miscarriage & it may take a few cycles to get back on track, so maybe your cycle isnt quite back on track....i dont know if you're doing any exercise & im not sure whether you've got time but i find when im feeling so bad, getting out there to walk with my boys helps my anxiety. You were mentioning you might look for a new job....might that help?...i've never been very good at meditating but i wish i could so maybe if you could try that.....ok, enough advice....i just hope you start feeling better, thinking of you xx


Dear Nikole, I'm so sad to know you're going through this. Is there any way at all you could try to cut back at work? I hope the symptoms resolve themselves soon, and you can get some much-needed rest.

I wish you luck and strength for the next cycle, and make sure not to expect more of yourself than you can give right now. You've been through so much.

Hoping, too, that this all becomes easier soon. Big hug.


Thank you for checking in, Nikole... I am so sorry you are having such a rough time lately. I wish I could offer some peace and calm.

Hugs and love to you right now. I hope you can make some time for you soon.


Thinking of you and wishing there was a way to ease the pain.

You may have ovulated late, but you did ovulate. I want to wish all the luck in the world in trying again. You've been through enough without a doubt. You've earned the right to experience some joy. I hope it comes soon!


Oh, Nikole, big hug. I'm so sorry it's been rough. I hope you find some peace soon.


I've been thinking about you this week. You've had so much happen in such a short period of time... I can only imagine how you feel. I'm always here if you want to chat. And thank you so much for your thoughtful card. I hope your next cycle has a wonderful ending.

Cara Fletcher

When I was pregnant few months before the birth I had a couple of panic and anxiety attacks.It was very scary because I thought that there was something wrong but eventually everything was fine.

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