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July 27, 2006



The mind-body connection can be pretty strong. Hopefully, you are experiencing some closure from learning more about your baby boy.


Big hug...


Although a period after a miscarriage can bring mixed feelings, physically it is a sign that your body is healing. I hope that healing brings some comfort to you.


As Jill said, the period after a miscarriage is sad, but also a sort of cleasing. Once there was no hope, I just wanted it to be over, so I could mourn and move on. And I don't think the timing is a coincidence. Our bodies are wiser than we think they are. (They sometimes seem mean, petty, and spiteful -- but they're not stupid!) I'm sending you good thoughts for starting over.

Womb in waiting

Nikole hi, I so hope with this physical release, new healing can begin. I know for me after a miscarriage, I welcome the next period, not to be able to try again but for the renewed cycle. There is something intrinsically healing in cycles passing. Maybe its our body indicating to us in its own way, it is healing & renewing....i hope your heart is feeling not as raw & acutely in pain as you have been, thinking of you xx


I'm so glad to hear you got your period. As you know, I have Ashermans syndrome (uterine scarring)as a result of a D&C, and I always wory when somoene has a D&C that scarring might occur and they'll be in the unfortunate boat I'm in now. I know it's hard to see the light, esp. when you've been bleeding for 99 days, but this is really a good thing. it means your body has healed. With it, I hope you find mental healing and you can renew and replenish. Also, Lucas is a beautiful name and I think you gave honor and meaning to your son.



I just read most of your blog and I'm so sorry to have to hear about mis#4. I am also going through my mis#4 and it has been so heart wrenching most of the time. Reading your experience has made me feel that I'm not alone and I honestly believe that you will be strong enough to go through this trial.

My aunt told me on my mis#2 that, "God does not give one burden's that he/she cannot handle." Therefore, you must believe that you are stronger than you think.

Take care.


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