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June 30, 2006


Womb in waiting

I hope your week is healing in some way & i also hope there are many times during the week when you are rested, when you smile, even laugh. I hope the time together is good & i hope the week has magic & light.
see you in a little while x


BJ and I wish you a week of rest, peace, focus, healing, time with your husband, and renewed strength to take it one day, one step, at a time. We love you so much.


I have found that being on the beach helps me heal, just a little bit. I wish that for the both of you - a whole week of healing and love.


Have a great time. J and I got married on Cape Cod. Love it there.


have a great time!!


Have a lovely, lovely time away and enjoy being together!


Enjoy your time away.... and I just want to tell you how very sorry I am for all that you have endured....


I wish you peace during your vacation.


I hope you're having a peaceful and relaxing time in Cape Cod.


Cape Cod sounds wonderful, I hope you enjoy a much-deserved vacation. Take care!!


I hope you and your husband enjoy this much needed time off. Wishing you great Nwe Engalnd weather and a week of healing and love. Have fun, and enjoy the moment.


I just found your blog. My heart goes out to you, and I hope you are having some much needed rest and relaxation.


Hi Nikole!

I hope the trip to Cape Cod made you feel a little better. I always find that being by the ocean helps to smooth the rough edges a little. The pain doesn't go away, but it's not as jagged, so you don't catch yourself on it as often. Anyway, I hope that's how it worked for you.

By the way, thanks for stopping by the new blog, and for your kind words. (Yeah, Watson's a riot, isn't she?) I'm looking forward to getting to know you too. I just wish it could be under different circumstances...


Womb in waiting

i dont know if you'll read this as youre back, you might just post a new entry but in case you do revisit old comments from before you left - nicole, thanx so very much for all your astute, responsive comments on my blog. i feel a true connection to you, your entries speak to me as it seems mine do to you & we share a more than just our shared experiences with our miscarriages but maybe in a private email, i'll tell more, so i am connected to you & thinking of you & wishing you a welcome home. I hope the trip away was so good for your heart & soul. At times of loss i've found it hard to go away to rest as it enables even more pain to flood in. its as if the open spaces & free time really allow the loss to settle in but at other times i know it feels as though a break is so needed for survival so i truly hope it did you the world of good, welcome home to your world & to blogland, you were missed x

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