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May 01, 2006



Nikole - there's a calculator at the following link: http://www.ivfer.com/hcg.htm.

Right now your doubling time is 31.6 hours, which is more than normal. Keep up the good work, little one...

Crossing my fingers for you.

One Half

You see me doing the happy dance? Well probably not as the big ocean is still between us, but if you'd be here, you'd see me rediculously stupid dance for you and the great beta! Wow!!! When is the ultrasound planned? Do you have an appointment for that yet?

Have a safe trip tomorrow!




Link wasn't working correctly -



Karen--thanks! That's exactly what I was looking for!


yippie!!! i am so happy to hear that you are hopeful. this link gives you a graph (i like graphs) http://babymed.com/pregnancy-tools/hcg/


Yeah!! So excited for you! Definitely let us know when the ultrasound is going to be.

Have a safe trip!


Dear Nikole, that is great news! So, so hopeful for you!

Momma Bee

Feeling hopeful with you, and continuing to keep everything crossed that this is finally IT for you!


I really have no idea what any of that stuff means — my miscarriage was so early that I never went in for tests — but it sounds good! I'm doing a little cheer for you!


Congratualtions!!! I will continue to send positive, life forming energy your way!


Careful, new study:

Blogging causes healthy pregnancies.


Blessings on you.


Careful, new study:

Blogging causes healthy pregnancies.


Blessings on you.


My heart skipped a beat when I saw the beta results! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so sorry I've been a bad blogger and didn't find out about your double lines when you first posted. I am over the moon for you! Yippeee!!


Hooray! Congrats! I am THRILLED. All fingers and toes remain crossed.


I'm just seeing this today, and WOW -- such great news! Keep up the hopeful thoughts and we'll all do the same out here in the blogosphere.



OMG - this is a bit weird. Of the bloggers I check regularly (you, Lola and Thalia) both you and Lola are actually pregnant, and Thalia has just had her IVF transfer, so big hopes.
Fantastic news - have you got any new strategies for this pregnancy?
Am keeping it all crossed for you!


Good luck today. I am thinking of you.

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