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May 30, 2006



Phew! The title of your post scared the bejeezus out of me, I was so relieved to hear you meant you spoke too soon about the morning sickness. Not relieved you're so sick, but you know what I mean :-)


Oh my gosh, I was worried by the title of your post, too. I guess I should say congrats on being sick! : ) I'm so happy that things are progessing along. Hopefully you'll be up and at 'em again soon!


I third that motion, the title scared me as well.

I am both happy and sad for you that the nausea fairy came by. It can be so painful to feel so badly, but it is reassuring as well.

Forward progress!


Okay...I have to agree with everyone to..that title scared me! Nice to hear that you are doing well...well the pregnancy not the sickness. Thinking of you!


I echo the other comments... was glad to hear that it's morning sickness which was the subject! Well, not glad that you feel so icky, but glad for the reason behind the sickness. Hang in there!


Nikole, It may be morning sickness, but there is alot of a virus that sounds like what you have going around. I am not sure that I didn't have it in Carolina on that Saturday night. Ed had it the next weekend, and teachers and kids at school are having the same type of thing.

If it is the virus, it will pass; maybe slowly, but it will pass.

You looked so very happy this weekend. John did also.

We love you so very much.


My Mom delivered my brother with a certified nurse midwife and she said always said it was a beautiful experience. Love you!

Momma Bee

Oh my, I see I wasn't alone by having my heart skip a beat (not in a good way) when I read your title, and was then VERY relived that it was about m/s. Sorry to hear you're feeling so ill, but SO happy that your little one is staying strong!!

As for the prog, 12 weeks is pretty common and also how ling I stayed on it, since at that point the placenta takes over in that department (if I'm recalling correctly), but I can't imagine that staying on it until 16 weeks (or maybe 14) would hurt. Keep us posted on that.

Re: BA, I stayed on it for the duration, though of course I also had the PAPS diagnosis (if borderline) so took that along with the heparin injections. I wonder why they want you off that by week 12? Couldn't hurt to ask more about that since some of your clotting factors were slightly elevated as well, but that's just my 2 cents!

Feel better soon!!


I was on progesterone 2x day intra-vaginally, then 3x a day, then went to shots 3x a week through 13 weeks. After that, they made sure my placenta had kicked in to progesterone production and it did with flying colors. Once it did, we stopped all progesterone supplementation and stopped measuring it (which we had done every 48-72 hours through week 13.

For baby aspiring, my RE had me on it the entire pregnancy EXCEPT the recommendation was to go off it a week or so before my EDD (June 16) because it is the only thing that hospitals do not have a "reverse agent" for i.e. to stop bleeding. I have just stopped taking it early because I'm showing early signs of labor. I would NOT go off it during pregnancy, even if you are taking Heparin or Lovenox (not sure if you are - new to your blog).

I have been taking prophelactic doses of Lovenox from the moment we found out I was pregnant. NOT therapeutic doses because I've never been diagonsed with any blood clotting disorder at all. I will stop Lovenox next week - a little more than a week before EDD. The only reason for stopping is that IF (big IF) I decide get an epidural, I could not get one with Lovenox. I could switch to Heparin and be on it through labor and birth, but I don't feel I should be on a blood thinner during labor if they have never found a clotting disorder in me.

That said, I know what symptoms to look for in terms of a blood clot. I plan for a natural hospital birth with midwife. In Alaska, CNMs are allowed to handle the entire birth and only call for medical help if necessary.

Get a 2nd opinion or 3rd about the baby aspirin. In a way, there is no "scientifically proven" reason to be on it but no reason to be off it either. All the best!


I'm so sorry that you had such a tough weekend. Feel free to complain...Lord knows I am!

I haven't been taking baby aspirin, but I am still taking the progesterone suppositories twice a day until week 12.


I haven't been taking anything except baby aspirin as still failing to get pregnant, but will be on clexane (type of heparin) and prednisolone (steroid) up to 12 weeks, and progesterone until they say to stop!

Good luck with this pregnancy! Very pleased for you!


It's been like 100 years that I have stopped by your blog. I am so so glad to read that you are doing well (of course except from the nausea and the fact that you are feeling sick). Hooorayyy for the heartbeat and the picture and that everything seems so fine now.

Big fat hugs,



Never commented before - found your blog through Julie's big list.

Does your midwife get to stay with you as a support person during your labor and delivery? It stinks that she can't actually catch the baby. I had a certified nurse-midwife delivery in the hospital with my first baby, and I felt very secure that I wouldn't get unnecessary interventions. Unfortunately, that midwives group has closed because of rising malpractice premiums, so I'm planning to deliver #2 in a nearby city that has a natural birth center inside a hospital (unheard-of here in Cincinnati). I'm very excited about it - they have huge jacuzzi tubs in all the rooms - although it is a pain to drive all that way for the prenatal visits.


hey nikole- hope all continues to be well. update us when you get a chance!

FYI-you have been tagged, check out my blog for details.


I know the nauea all too well. Ginger candies or prego pops. Try watermelon-it is cold and seems to help. PLus kefir-a cultured yogurt and cold as well. I also drank tons of peppermint tea-cold of course. Keep your chin up-will pass.

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