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May 05, 2006



Dear Nikole, I'm so sorry that worry has crept in. Yes, I can assure you it is perfectly normal to have variable doubling times. The next one may be another fast one. I think that's why they usually don't do more than two -- I think if you followed all normal pregnancies, you would see occasional dips in the graph when the rate of HCG increase slows between two individual measurements and then picks up again. But you are still well within range, as you said. Nothing bad has happened yet, my dear. Remember that.

A big hug and crossed fingers, as always.


I'm sending hope hope hope to drown out the whatifs, the couldbes, and the oh-nos and to tell you I'm here with you. One arm, two arms, BIG squeezy hug so hard you can hardly breathe.


Yep it's totally normal for them to slow down! And the other poster is right, your next one may be speedier... As long as you are within range I wouldn't worry too much... Easier said than done I know... Just pray for a sticky babe at the ultrasound! Good luck!


It is so hard to stay positive through all of this. I really don't have any grasp of the numbers, so I will just wish you the best of luck. My fingers are crossed. Good luck!!!!


I've never been pregnant so I really don't know the answers. I think it should be fine...don't worry. Good luck and I am thinking about you!


It is totally normal for the numbers to range like that. that is why there is such a large range of doubling times. having said that, i know how hard these first few weeks are, and how much there is to worry about. know that you are doing EVERYTHING in your power to make this a sucessful pregnancy. you are wise to schedule the 4th beta and US, if nothing else than to ease your worries.

good luck, i am thinking about you!


Sweety! 4th beta will be good to, you'll see. I really really hope so!

I don't have experience with the doubling times, so no advice from me here. Just many thoughts for you!!!!



Just checking in, my dear, and sending good vibes your way.


I agree with the others who say that beta numbers do tend to vary a great deal. Still, I know how these numbers can play such mind games on us, and I truly hope your next beta and ultrasound help to ease your mind.

Sending lots of sticky vibes your way!


Sending you sticky vibes... hang in there - beta hell SVCKS. I am hoping for good news on Wednesday.


I really don't know anything about those numbers, but I'll be thinking about you!


Let us have another update soon. How are you feeling? Try not to worry, though I know that's pretty close to impossible. Decide to worry when it falls OUTSIDE what your doctors are saying is OK. YOu will drive yourself insane otherwise. Big hugs.


Dear Nikole, just wanted to say I'm thinking of you and sending you hopes and good wishes for tomorrow.


Just wanted to let you know that I've been thinking of you today, and hoping that your beta number has provided some reassurance.

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