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May 19, 2006


Momma Bee

Thinking about you, and remembering all too well how it feels to be in the stage of the waiting game you are now agonizingly in. FWIW, your symptoms sound much like mine in my early days of pg with BB, and honestly that u/s sounds positive to me -- I can't wait until your next...sending lots of positive vibes and can't wait to read all about how that beautiful little flashing on the monitor will (WILL) make you feel. Routing for Hope to beat down Fear...



I'll be thinking about you guys! I'm so glad you've been somewhat comforted. I know it's hard, but try to focus on those things. You guys are long overdue for good things!


you go, girl. just take it one day at a time. definitely feels like a long time between ultrasounds, and i know what you mean about (sort of) wanting more symptoms of pregnancy. but as i've had several friends spend 15 solid weeks puking, we have it pretty good with just mild nausea and tiredness. can't wait to hear about next friday.


you know i am thinking about you. don't think about january, take it one day at a time.

i seriously think someone needs to sedate women until 14 weeks. no one needs to go through this mental anguish.


Man, just as soon as you have good news after the two-week-wait, it seems there's more of that to come. I wish we could fast-forward through these times. I'll be thinking of you and hoping to hear more happy news after the next U/S. Take care!


Thanks so much for posting. I've been thinking a lot about you recently, and it was great to read your post and know that things are going well so far. I completely relate to what you said about comparing yourself to others and needing to step back from those blogs so you can just concentrate on yourself. I feel the same way sometimes, reading about everyone's exhaustion or breast soreness and thinking, "Why the hell hasn't that happened to me?" while at the same time not trusting any of the positive signs and symptoms I do have, like the nausea.

Here's hoping we all find a way to stay sane and somehow enjoy our pregnancies, despite the uncertainties.


Hey, found you via a random websearch. Thanks for linking to me- have you posted at my site before?

Good luck- I really hope you see a HB next week and get the ultimate prize (a take-home baby) in about 7.5 months.


Lovely Nikole, I am so happy for you!!!! Will be following your progress excitedly... I have a good feeling :-) I'm in Iraq, living in dust and dreaming all the time of hunting through piles of baby books and piles of mismatched baby booties and kangaroos.... I so enjoy your site and have learned a ton. Hope you keep it up even after you are a mom.

Lots of love to you both - see you in Richmond after I get home! xxxxx


Dear Nikole, I'm so glad to hear that all is well. This time is so anxiety-ridden -- it's so natural and so mind-bending what you're feeling right now. I hope the time until your next ultrasound appointment passes quickly and ends in great reassurance.


so glad to hear that the appointment went well.. i have been anxiously awaiting the results and hope for you so much that friday's results are good.. praying for peace. i completely understand your need to take a break from the web and just listen to your mind and body's need for peace.. take care


Good luck and thinking of you. Completely sympathise about how slowly time can go! It's excruciating isn't it.


I am so glad you've posted, been waiting for a post!

Limbo is a shitty place to be for sure. The u/s results sound great, your betas were rising the way it needs to, and you have a good number of symptoms. Keep thinking positively and take it a day at a time. That's all you can do.


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