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April 19, 2006



i really think one of the worst things in this whole process is the waiting. wait to see if you get pregnant, wait for the ultrasounds, wait and see if you might actually make it out of the first trimester. "the waiting is the hardest part."

i am right with ya though, 4 DPO and i am never optomistic about being preg.....expect the worst, hope for the best?


I am with you, I hate the waiting game also. The "not knowing" part is hard to deal with. Hang in there....I am thinking of you!


I know what you mean about that feeling you get when you just know you're pregnant. The other time I was pregnant, I could just sense it pretty early on, which seemed absolutely ridiculous because I didn't even think I could ovulate, let alone get pregnant. However, when you're on the drugs and especially on the progesterone, I think a lot of that intuition goes out the window, because the body just becomes so hard to decipher. And I think that's why the 2ww can be that much harder on women who are getting fertility treatment, since it's impossible to look for the usual signs.

I guess this is my way of saying that, at least this time, I hope your intuition is wrong.

One Half

I too hope that you intuition is wrong and that Ornery is right about the effects of the progesteron that makes it difficult to interprete the body signs.

But, if you say it is wait and see, that's what I'll do. I'll put in a bit of finger crossing in for you!




Dear Nikole, don't you hate those mind games? It's awful -- waiting is indeed the hardest part. I don't personally put much store in knowing your body's signals -- my body has managed to trick me on more than one occasion, especially since the miscarriage-BCP-TTC cycle started going in earnest. In fact, for a while M took to saying "Uh-oh, you don't FEEL pregnant? Then you must be pregnant!" He was wrong pretty often, but hey so was I.

Momma Bee

Yes, the waiting game totally sucks. Will be waiting, not so patiently, with you, keeping everything crossed.

Btw, to help you bide the time, you've been TAGGED! ;)

Cara Fletcher

It's great you are able to feel when you are pregnant.I am just the opposite and I can't even calculate when my ovulation is with this awful kits.

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