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April 12, 2006


One Half

Glad to read that the nose bleed stopped. Sounds horrible.

As I don't have any experience with Clomid, I cannot give you any advice on the backache part, however during nearly every normal cycle I have a lot of lower backache in between ovulation and AF. My gynacologist explained (and now I try to explain this in English for the first time...so just skip this part if you dont understand what I mean :-S) that this is due to the sensitivity of the nerves that are entereing into the spinal cord in the lower back that are especially sensitve during these days of the month. Does this make sense?

Well, I am keeping (as usual) my fingers crossed for you for this cycle and am looking very much forward to garden pictures...I dream of garden :-D

Take care!


Momma Bee

Ooh, that garden sounds GREAT! Yum, I am craving garden-fresh veggies now. I wish that were all I craved. :)

I'm afraid I don't have any clomid experience to share, but that explanation sounds pretty solid, and actually sounds familiar, too, from reading about other friends on clomid.

As always, keeping everything crossed for you...


I used to have tons of bloody nose gushers when I was a kid, but none that required a trip to the ER. You poor thing! Glad to hear it resolved on its own.

The garden veggies sounds yummy! Here's hoping for a bountiful harvest!

I can't remember how my back felt when I was on Clomid, but while I've been stimming on the Follistim, I did indeed feel lots of lower back aches and pains. Nina's explanation makes sense; also, I think I had a lot of bloating in my mid-section that also exacerbated the situation.

Good luck!

Maria Decosta

We have a beautiful 31 month baby girl, conceived within 3 months naturally. Trying for our 2nd baby soon after, my Dr referred me to a consultant who put me on Clomid 2-6 days for six months.My last month of clomid I''m now waiting if i am pregnant...... Only God knows.....

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