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April 05, 2006



My RE is for progesterone if you're trying, period. If there's any chance you might be pregnant, take it. Clomid or no Clomid. Clomid is not progesterone - the Clomid helps you ovulate, and the progesterone helps keeps the fertilized egg from, um...

Well, two different things.


i am glad that you found out some info from your RE. About Clomid --i don't know about progesterone.. but if you trust your doctor, i would just go with what he thinks.. it sounds like he thinks the clomid will help with what he sees as something going wrong with egg production.. but again, he's the doctor.. hoping everything goes smoothly..


I've had two friends who used clomid and both were successful in getting pregnant within a few months and in having healthy, normal pregnancies and healthy, normal babies. I hope the same for you!!


wow, that is alot of pills!

the theory with clomid is that it helps mature a stronger follicle and after ovulation will help mature a stronger corpus luteum. the CL is what makes the progesterone. so stronger CL=more progesterone. i think there is evidence to suggest that this is a better way for you to get progesterone rather than supplements. your RE probably wants to see if this is the case before he gives your prometrium. but if you feel uneasy about this then you should demand the prometrium.

My RE said that she will give me prometrium after a pos HPT b/c it "can't hurt" but there is no evidence that progesterone is my problem.


Your medicine cabinet must look like its own mini-pharmacy right now!

When I was on Clomid, the doctor never gave me progesterone because of what Stephanie said. If you aren't taking progesterone, then it might be a good idea to get another 7dpo progesterone blood draw to see if it's improved with this Clomid cycle. Good luck!

Momma Bee

I definitely can't add anything to what the others have said, but just wanted to let you know I've been thinking of you, and glad you finally heard back from the RE. That is completely annoying that it took him so long to return yout call! Glad to here that the APA numbers are low enough to not be of concern. Keeping my fingers crossed for the clomid to do the trick!


Whew...I just found your blog and finished reading all your archives. I am so sorry about your miscarriages....I hope that you will never experience this again.

I hope the clomid works...I've heard some success stories from it, I hope you will be one of them!

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