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April 02, 2006



simon is lucky to have you!

great luck with the RE, i hope she has good news for you.


I'm so happy to hear that there are people like you in the world who love cats unconditionally and don't immediately give them up when the going gets tough. Good for you. I know it can be trying but hang in there. Simon is counting on you.

And best of luck with this cycle! I'll be rooting for you!


"...but now I realize I've written a short story about my cat and probably bored you all half to death."

I read a lovely, unboring story about mothering and holding on and hope against all bad news and fighting for things to live in the face of possible loss, again and again.
(Maybe it's just my mindset right now, or maybe it's just because I'm not a cat person :)....)

One Half

I love cat stories and can read one any time of the day. me and one of my colleagues (she has 5 cats) can empty the entire kitchen at work of all people when we start to discuss our cats :-D

Lovely story about Simon, and I understand so well why you are so attached to him. It is he that needs extra much attention and love from you and you give it to him. You are a good cat mom.

Hope you got some good news and some good explainations from your RE?


Momma Bee

Oh, I love what Christy said, and it's really so true! Truthfully, I'm not a "cat person" and am in awe of how much you've done for Simon, but I also completely get the connection and attachment. I hope you can figure out what he's trying to tell you...not sure how I feel about them, but have you considered consulting an animal psychologist and/or psychic? Might not hurt.

Looking forward to reading about that ceremony, and the call to the doc this morning...check your e-mail, btw, if you haven't already...


Wow, Simon is one strong kitty! And you are clearly an amazing woman to provide so much love to him.

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