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April 25, 2006



OK - I don't mind being 'tagged' but may take me a day or two!


Okay here it is. I hope you don't find me too weird.

1. I have an Irish name, but I am not Irish...let us just say I am not even from the same continent. My parents saw the name from a baby book and loved it.

2. No one in my family shares the same time zone: We lived in Chicago, my sister lives in Charleston (1 hr ahead of us), my parents live in Hawaii (4 hours behind) and my brother is in Japan, he is in the air force and is currently stationed in Japan(14 hours ahead of us).

3. I can't swim which is a tragedy considering I was born on an island(and no, it is not Hawaii) and lived there for a good part of my childhood, then I moved to California. I went to college right by the ocean, I had ocean views in my dorm room and my college was known for good surfing! And I CAN'T SWIM.

4. S and I worked for the same company but we didn't meet at work, instead we met on the elevated train(as oppose to the subway, we don't have those in Chicago). It was raining that day and S came by to share his umbrella with me after we got off the train.

5. I can't sleep with any doors and drawers open. If S leaves one of those open, I have to get up and shut it before I can go to sleep. Don't know why this is the case.

6. S and I share a bi-partisan household. Can you guess who is the democrat?


Hello from Seattle and for awhile Houston.

One Half

Thanks sweetie for your comment on your blog. You always make me feel better! Thanks! :-D


One Half

Thanks sweetie for your comment on my blog. You always make me feel better! Thanks! :-D



Nikole was nice enough to say she hoped I 'didn't mind' getting tagged. Does the chubby girl with the camel toe and the head gear MIND being asked to the prom? HELLS NO. So thank you Nikole!

Here's what pops into my mind:

1. When I was little, three or four I think, I flushed my pacifier down the toilet by accident. I called it a 'bobby' and I loved that thing more than life itself. To this day, I can vividly remember the exact moment I leaned over the bowl to reach for the handle...as soon as I started that swirling water in motion - so it was far too late to take it back - my bobby fell out of my mouth and down the drain it went. I'm tearing up just thinking about it. Later that night when I was inconsolable, my mother yelled at me to "stick my damn thumb in my mouth." And thus a long-term thumb-sucker was born (see above re: head gear.)

2. My maiden name is very common, one of the most prevalent last names around, so my mom named my sister and me very usual first names. Watson was my middle name, but when I took BeBop's name as my own, I was forced to drop it. Which was sad, because it was my grandmother's maiden name and she rocked.

3. A couple of years ago, my mom and I spent a week at a health 'spa' (very liberal use of the word spa here.) You go there to cleanse your system, and the whole program revolved around raw foods, wheat grass juice, and colonics. That's right. Colon cleansing as part of a vacation YOU PAY FOR. You start off with a three-day juice fast, and then integrate raw and sprouted foods into your diet as the week goes on. You have to cut and juice your own wheat grass three or four times a day. To this day when I enter a Jamba Juice the smell of wheat grass makes me gag. The funniest part (well, really, what's NOT funny about a colonic?) was that at the end of the week they held a talent show. Guests got up on stage and performed, one guy was a magician (in his non-colon-cleansing life) and he ate a light bulb. WHICH, hello, was totally NOT on the diet. The whole thing was like summer camp with enemas! And although I did feel cleansed by the time I went home, apparently the raw food diet caused my entire digestive system to shut down and I didn't poop for like a month.

4. My younger sister and I are seven years apart, but when we're sporting similar haircuts people often mistake us for twins. I LOVE it when that happens, she hates it.

5. I was a Congressional Page in Congress when I was 15.


6. BeBop has been a full-time student for the last five years (since getting laid off in the Great Dot Com Disaster of 2001) and I've been the sole breadwinner in my family. Not that that's ever easy, but in Northern California it's especially challenging to be a one-income family. I'd love to be able to say I've handled that with grace and good humor, but alas it's been very difficult. Very often I have been a total, complete be-YOTCH about the whole thing. To be painfully honest, I think that stress has contributed to our infertility issues. He's done now and finally working, so I'm hoping that helps things along in some way.

Momma Bee

Thanks for playing Nikole!

I love the laughing fits thing. That sort of thing sometimes happens to me at odd times too. :)

I'm definitely going to have to go visit Watson...hee-hee...literally LOL here!

Oh, and I want to see a photo of that ring! Pretty please?!


Great list, Nikole!

And I thought I was the only one with the tampon trouble! I almost fainted the first time I put one in -- a procedure that took me about an hour and a half, and probably 10 tampons. I couldn't figure out for the life of me what my problem was, and I'm still not sure. As a matter of fact, I still don't like putting in tampons and do it only when it is absolutely unavoidable. Weird, huh?

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