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April 29, 2006


Momma Bee

OMG!! Okay, I'm taking a breath, and taking it down a notch...whispering congrats. Is that okay? I'll tell you later what my reaction was when I saw your post title in bloglines. Thinking about you, sending good thoughts, all that stuff. Most of all, big ((((hugs))))!!


Well then, MAZEL TOV! This seems to be momentous, fromwhat I've read so far. All the luck in the world for this pregnancy!


Congratulations so far, I'm so glad that this one seems different. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.


Again...YEAH! a first step in a long journey, but one that should be celebrated. can't wait for your beta on monday!


Wow, Nikole! Congratulations, my dear! I'm sending you all my fondest hopes that this one is IT.

It's so good to get a little patch of good news in the blogosphere -- Fisher Queen, Lori, Ornery, Stephanie, Lola and now you!

So much for your feeling of it not having worked this cycle, eh? Like I said, bodies just can't be trusted. Not that I'm complaining!


Nikole.. i am so happy for you..and praying that everything will go well


Congratulations! So excited for you! Maybe this is the pregnancy that will stick for the both of us! Keeping my fingers crossed!


I think this is a great news.Congratulation.

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