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April 17, 2006


Momma Bee

I continue to have *everything* crossed for you!! I'm so hopeful for you this cycle.

Oh, and I'm reading The Year of Magical Thinking right now, given to me by my BF after my grandmother died. What a story!


you know i have them crossed for you. we can obsess together, i am 3 DPO.....ugh.


Thank you for sharing a little bit about your relationship with your father. I'm sorry that he hasn't been there for you the way he should be.

I am bending myself into a human pretzel in the hopes that this works for you!


I am keeping my fingers, toes crossed for you! I hope you get some good news in the next 14 days!!

The Distant Land of my Father sounds like a great read...I might get that. thanks for sharing!

One Half

I am with Ornery, human pretzel...ha ha ha...too funny! But honestly, if that is what is needed, no problem, I am flexible (not only in my character also my body :-D), if I have to bend myself into a pretzel I do it.

Good luck to you!!!

Hugs from over the ocean,


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