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March 21, 2006



I'm bummed for you re the timing. And oh God, I hate progesterone. It makes me positively PSYCHO but hey, you need to take them even before you know you're pregnant, or in my case you just throw money out the window every month.

This month we're not trying - actually preventing, as I'm having another HSG this Friday - and I feel strangely relaxed. I'm sure part of it is knowing that I won't be using those damn progesterone suppositories.

Enjoy the break, and I hope you sleep well.


crap. sorry you missed the egg. but it is cool to know that you ovulate soon after teh +OPK, i have always wondered that myself.

you have a seriously long cycle. how long is your LP? enjoy the tests. my personal record is 13 tubes.


My cycle is usually 34-37 days long, with a LP between 9 and 12 days. I always have spotting for around a week before my next cycle starts. It's frustrating, because that makes for less chances to TTC than usual during the year. And I feel like I'm waiting FOREVER.


I'm sorry the timing didn't work out, but am glad that you have a better sense of how your body is working because of it. I completely understand that feeling of impatience...in fact, I'm going through that right now, even though I'm in the middle of a treatment cycle (damn follicles are taking forever to grow!). It is very tempting during those times of impatience to want to go the quick route and take the drugs, but if that's not what you really want to do right now, then I'm glad you were able to restrain yourself.

Hope you were able to get a good night's sleep!


Dear Nikole, I'm sorry I haven't been around in a while -- and that I missed your birthday. Happy belated birthday! I hope this year brings you great happiness.

I'm sorry about the timing problem -- that really sucks. But I'm glad you got all your questions answered. That is at least something!

Sleep tight, my dear.

One Half

I am so sorry this cycle did not work out...timing did not work out! I know about impatience...the waiting part is so hard. Some say it is the hardest, you feel you never get anywhere and just sit around and see the years go by. But it is good that you feel ok with it. It is also good that you will get some more tests done.

Yes the puss pops...I will soon be on them...yicks :-(. You'll get there too (never thought I would write that in the most positive of meanings).

I really hope your sleep comes back. Take it easy!



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