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March 03, 2006


One Half

Hormonal Hell :-(...ooo...am entering this myself right now, Af coming soon...hate PMS.

I feel that this post sounds much more positive though, which might be a wrong feeling from my side, but if not, I am really glad for you! The insomnia however sounds horrible, and I hope that that will be better soon, because it is so important that one sleeps well in order to perform well in the waking part of the day :-D Don't start to obsses about it though (if you aren't already doing it :-)....

Hugs from Sweden!



Hope you feel better soon, my dear. Insomnia is a very vexing thing to go through. Maybe it would be a good idea to check out the thyroid again. And as for tallying up the costs, I agree -- that's not such a good idea!

And I hope your problem is found quickly, and is something easily fixable.


Welcome back! I agree with One Half...despite the hormonal hell you're going through, this post had an upbeat ring to it, which put a smile on my face!

I'm glad that you did the chromosomal analysis, and that you are starting to feel like you're getting some answers. It is amazing how much they charge you for even the tiniest procedures, and those costs add up so quickly. However, like you, I have thus far elected not to sum up all the charges for fear that I will start hyperventilating and have a major freakout. Our checkbook is still in the black, and that's all I care about at this point!

Hope you're able to get some sleep this weekend!



Goodness, that's not good to hear about your not sleeping well. I had that happen when I had retained tissue after my first m/c a few cycles later, it was followed by hemorrhaging. I remember feeling like I was filled with cold water -- have you felt anything like that?

What's going on with your acu, are they able to help you? Do you think you might want to consult with someone else?

There's a thing in TCM, symptoms can sometimes because by the opposite -- feeling hot might be related to yin deficiency rather than excess. Does your lower back feel weak or weird? (with my surgery and m/cs I've felt some pretty intense symptoms of deficiency which is why I ask)

Sending you lots of hugs,


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